Thursday, November 27, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving!

Hope everyone had a great day! We enjoyed our day with Big Daddy's family. We had lunch at his Aunt and Uncle's beautiful lake home. The view was breathtaking from their deck which we spent a lot of time on due to the 60 degree day we had! PERFECTION! And the food....oh the food! It was DEEE-licious! I just took a break from the ads to post a little blog. I can't wait for my shopping adventure tomorrow with Ashley. Nothing kicks off the holiday season like a crowd full of crazy shoppers at Target! I am very excited about shopping with her tomorrow! So, I must get to bed for some much needed rest....Starbucks can only do so much!

Mom, I miss you but am SO happy that you got to spend this holiday with your momma! Grammy, I love you and hope you are enjoying time with my momma and dad!

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Anonymous said...

Hey sweetie!!! Yes I am enjoying your mother!!!! It's been a long time since we have spent a Thanksgiving with each other.Do miss all of you!! Love you, Grammy