Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Happy Birthday Baby Bro!

26 years ago today, my world changed forever. My little brother came storming into this world cone head and all. As you can see, he traded in the cone head for a much rounder and very handsome head! As I have said, I have always been very close to my brother. Sure, we fought BIG TIME, but we also knew when to stick together. Jarad was always my biggest fan. When I was in Jr. High, all of his friends knew all about how many track meets I won and who I beat in the 800 meter. He was at all my games (partly because he didn't have a choice) and he always supported me 100%. I could always count on him for a hug and a pat on the back afterwards. Fast forward to high school. We rode to school together everyday. Some mornings were better than others I will have to admit, but luckily the heart remembers most what it has loved best! Before I knew it, it was time for me to move out and go to college. My mom and I had decided that I would move into the dorms at MSU even though it was only a few miles from home. It ended up being the best thing I could have done because I made a lot of great friends. (2 of which are still my very best friends!) But, the first night there was not the greatest. My roommate left and went camping so I was alone in a dorm full of people I didn't know and it was approximately 502 degrees. (I lived in the only dorm on campus without air conditioning and the day we moved in was the hottest day in years!) I was terribly lonely and feeling sorry for myself until my sweet brother decided to come spend the night! That broke the ice a little with the people on my floor because they all wanted to know who the hottie was I was "shacking" up with! After I fought the urge to vomit, I informed the "ladies" that he was my BROTHER and he was in HIGH SCHOOL and he was OFF LIMITS! Then, who could forget the years that he lived with me in my very first house. We weren't the best housekeepers, but boy did we have fun. So many nights I would come home from work at midnight (I worked 2nd shift at a drug and alcohol recovery center) and we would have late night snacks or he would check my head for lice! We got a lot of clients who came from jail and I was paranoid about getting lice! Our house was lit up like the Griswold's at Christmas and was a VERY popular hangout for a few years. Since then so much has happened in our lives and I can't imagine going through any of it without Jarad. He is a wonderful uncle to my children and we love him with all our hearts! Happy Birthday Jarad & I hope you have a wonderful day!!! We love you!!!
I was five, he was three. Does he remind you of Cohen a little?
Uncle and Claire Thanksgiving 2004