Sunday, October 17, 2010

Are you serious?

Last night, Big Daddy and I found ourselves child free for the evening thanks to Grandma Connie! We decided to catch a movie. We got our popcorn, giant sodas and Mike & Ikes and headed into the theater. We settled into the very back row, just in case we got the urge to make out. After a few minutes we decided that the back row isn't as comfortable as the other seats because they don't lean back. Brian asked me if I wanted to move to the row in front of us. I hesitated because there was only 4 seats and there was two people already sitting there. I am a fan of the "buffer seat" if possible. He said I could sit on the end so I obliged. So we decided to switch before the movie started. He leaned down and politely said to the lady who had her purse in one of the empty seats, "Excuse me ma'am, we are going to move down here because the seats in the back aren't very comfortable." She gave him a dirty look and said, "Jesus Christ!" I thought maybe she was having a spiritual experience....apparently not. Brian was stunned and asked, "are you serious?" She responded, "YES I'm serious!!! There are 50 empty seats in this theater I don't know WHY you have to sit RIGHT next to me!" Without missing a beat, Big Daddy responded (very loudly), "Oh I'm sorry do you OWN these two?" She continued to yell at him, he suggested some therapy of some sort and we moved down a few rows. All the while, you KNOW her husband was about to have a heart attack thinking about the fact that his wife picked a fight with the ONLY dude in the building who is almost 7 foot tall! We took our seats and were blown away that someone could be SO rude! I feel bad for her. I can't imagine being that unhappy. I kinda wish we would have stayed and cuddled up with her.