Friday, September 26, 2008

Last days of summer

The past few days have been such a treat! Mom and Dad turned on the heater in their pool to take the chill off and we declared Wednesday and Thursday POOL DAYS! We decided to take full advantage of the warm weather, as we know those days will be gone very soon. We are very much looking forward to the cool crisp days of October, but want to make sure to enjoy what warm days we have left. Notice Drew and Claire in their "spidey suits" and rain boots. If you know Claire, you are familiar with her rain boot obsession. Other faces you may or may not recognize....Miss Alivia Jane (the one with the beautiful blue eyes and great tan from St. Thomas!) and "Lella" (actually Ella, Cohen's little buddy from next door is riding in his car with him.) Hope everyone is enjoying the beautiful weather as much as we are!

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Thursday, September 25, 2008

Congratulations Emily & Sean!

Mr. Sawyer Cole has joined THIS growing family and they are now six strong! According to Nana, momma and baby are doing great and the girls can't get enough of the little one. What a lucky little guy to be welcomed into such a loving family! Congrats guys!

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Not Me! Monday

I know it's still technically Sunday, but for once I'm EARLY! Just wanted to post about what I haven't been up to.

I did not lick the white icing clouds off my son's birthday cake this morning and chase it down with a Dr. Pepper.

I did not laugh uncontrollably during church because SOMEONE in my family passed gas, because that would be really immature.

I did not wipe my hands on Claire's pants today instead of my own when the blower didn't get the job done....seriously if I can't have the option of paper towels, then give me a blower that actually...well...blows!

I did not eat a completely whole bagel out of the trash. (If I did it would have been because I saw Coco put it there, there was a paper towel under it and it wasn't touching any "dirty" garbage) Go ahead. Let the judging begin.

I didn't do any of that stuff. Tune in next Monday to find out what else I didn't do.

This is all part of the Not Me! Monday started by Mckmomma at Check out her blog and say a prayer for baby Stellan aka Mckmuffin. It's a great blog! I'm hooked!