Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Father Daughter Dance 2010

Claire's school has a Father Daughter dance every year. While it serves as a great fundraiser for our PTA, that night I saw that the benefits go FAR beyond just money. When I came home after school with my girl we saw these....

I saw the look in her eyes...

I saw the smiles on their faces.

I saw beautiful decorations....

made just for these beautiful girls.

Most of all, I saw a room full of dads...showing their little ladies how women should be treated. They ushered them in proudly through the front doors. They took their coats and pinned their flowers on their sweet little dresses. They danced the night away with them and brought them plates full of goodies! I loved watching every second of it. (This is a perk of being a volunteer because moms weren't invited!) I am so thankful that Claire has such an amazing Daddy. After all, I know from experience how important the relationship is between a girl and her daddy.


Better late than never!!! Here are the Valentine's pictures Aunt Karen took of the kids!