Monday, July 21, 2008

Four Years Ago Today....

I was holding my sweet baby girl in my arms. She was just shy of two hours old and I was already in love. She is the first human being to every truly take my breath away. It is a tradition in my family for mom to share the "28 years ago today" story. I know every detail of the day I was born. I used to think that it was so dorky and around the age of 13 was when I really started rolling my eyes and being totally embarrassed when she would start the story. But this is just a prime example of the fact that we don't truly appreciate our parents until we become parents ourselves. Now I know the feeling you get when your child makes the leap from 11 months to 1 year. I know the joy of watching them turn 2 and start to become more independent. I've survived the age of 3 which was far more "eventful" than the "terrible twos" ever were. Now here we are at the age of 4. She is growing so fast andI have been flooded with emotion. I am positive it is because of everything that we have faced this year as a family. I know it is also because I have grown so much in my walk with God. Today I am giving HIM the glory. It is because of HIM that I am blessed over and over. On Friday night we were on our way home and were admiring His creation. I pointed out the beautiful full moon to Claire. She said "OH yes and look at that star! Mommy it's sooo beautiful. It's so beautiful I could just cry!" Four years later and she still takes my breath away. Happy Birthday Clairebelle!

**Thanks to our dear sweet Auntie Karen who always takes such beautiful pictures!**