Saturday, November 1, 2008

I'm Chrissy and I approved this message.

Well, this normally isn't my style. I try to keep things simple around here but there is a very important election coming up. Thanks to my mother who pointed out that Claire and Drew are old enough to remember being a part of this so Claire will be joining me at the polls on Tuesday. We also have a teeth cleaning scheduled and then we will be having a lunch date so I can catch up with my girl with some little one on one time. I am excited at the thought of Claire being there for a little piece of history. No matter the outcome, we will either elect an African American or a woman into office. That's a big deal. Do they allow picture taking at the polls? Sure would be great material for a blog!

As for the political side of things....deep breath....I have been weighing the issues and can admit that each candidate has things that I disagree with. Here's what I came up with. Please keep in mind, I am NOT a political guru and don't know as much as I should but these are my opinions.

"Redistribution of Wealth" is something that makes me squirm in my seat. I am ALL FOR helping our neighbors. I am surrounded by people who do so on a regular basis. I LOVE helping those who want to help themselves. I am also a HUGE fan of working for what is yours. I have watched my dad work his buns off so that my mother could stay at home to raise my brother and me. Sure provide tax relief. But don't do it at the expense of people who have worked all of their lives to get where they are. BAD PLAN. I know that many people who are "rich" got that way by being dishonest. Those people will face judgement in eternity and it will be way worse than any tax the government could impose. Oh! Just the thought of this system scares me.

The war. I hate it. I have friends who are raising young children without their husbands because they are deployed for years at a time. Daddies who are missing the milestones because they are fighting in a war that I am still not sure what the main goal is. I wish that it was different, but it's not. We are at war. I feel much more comfortable with someone in charge who actually knows what it is like to serve our country.

There are two BIG issues that are hot right now. Abortion and same sex marriage. Oh so touchy. Not sure if I am ready to tackle those on here. I have definite opinions about both. I'm not that brave yet to put them on here, but I have taken them into consideration and they weigh very heavily on my mind and heart.

It really scares me that many people will vote for Obama just because he is black. Trust me, I would be the first in line to vote for him if I felt he was the best candidate. It's the same thing as voting for McCain because he is white. Ick. I agree with Obama on some things and I disagree with McCain on some things. But I have decided which issues are the most important and it's probably no surprise to many that I will be voting for John McCain on Tuesday. I will also be in constant prayer for the state of our union. I believe that is just as important as my vote on November 4th. Happy voting!

Thursday, October 30, 2008

A good time was had by all.

My mother, who has recently become addicted to the blogging world, seems to be slightly obsessed with the phrase "a good time was had by all." She hates it. I did not know this until I used it in a post. She has now taken it upon herself to e-mail me EVERY POST she comes across with this phrase. Thank you mom for always nicely showing me the error of my ways. I vow here and now to never use the "most overused and unoriginal" phrase in the blogosphere.

Please note the hint of sarcasm and know that if you have used this phrase in your blogs, we won't hold it against you. We just think its funny. Now try not to notice it in the next 59 blog entries you read. Here's to a new phrase...."it seems as though everyone enjoyed themselves immensely." Oh yeah, much better.

Post Renamed: Dessert!

I renamed this post "Dessert" because it is sweet, yummy and I can't seem to get enough of it!

The photographer did a GREAT job! I can't wait to place my order!!!!

My Grownup Christmas List

Oh how I LOVE fall! The drive to school right now is AMAZING! The colors are indescribable! My mom and I spent the morning together on Tuesday, which I LOVE and it got me all in the holiday spirit. I am so excited for Christmas this year I can hardly stand it. But I am also looking forward to everything in between. I have my beautiful children giggling their way through the days. I have my super hot husband walking in the door each day ready to take the giggling kiddos outside while I get dinner ready (in peace and quiet!). I have a father in Heaven who loves me and has blessed me infinitely. I have an insanely supportive family who make a habit of being totally awesome 99 percent of the time. And get ready to be in laws rock too! I guess what I am trying to say, is that I have all I ever need, right here.

But I also have this totally awesome family, including my husband, who love to have ideas for what to get me for Christmas. I have compiled a list of links here just for you! Please note, I am very much aware that I may get VERY few of these things, but that's why they call it a WISH list! So....

1. World Peace

2. A set of knives

3. Colander

4. Cookie sheets and cooling racks

5. Grater

6. Thermometer

7. Cutting Board

8. A four slice toaster...mine is very unpredictable and slightly possessed.

9. Nintendo DS

10. This one is for the boys in my life. Size Large/Real Tree please!

11. Under Armour socks. The exact ones my dad had that I ALMOST stole. (why am I such an honest person? I loved those socks!)

12. Two of these....

of course Claire and Cohen's names would be more appropriate.

13. One of THESE shirts....size XL I think. Should hide the "Christmas Pudge"

14. This book

15. Guitar Hero World Tour for the Wii

Okay, so I was just looking back over my list and realized...I AM OFFICIALLY A GROWN UP! But ooooh that list of stuff looks like so much fun! Happy shopping! ;-)

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

My Love is....

Brian wanted to go last week and check on the food plots in Conway in preparation for opening weekend of deer season. He likes to go with someone, and there were no takers, so we decided that we would all go! Here are some pictures of our adventure. I feel like I should explain the trailer. It is there so the boys can sleep there the night before they hunt. Rather than pay to stay in the motel or get up at 3 a.m. to drive up that morning, they decided this would be a great idea. You won't catch me there this year. MAYBE next year after I do my hunters safety course, get a gun that won't blow my shoulder off, some new boots and camo...then I will consider spending the night in the middle of the woods in a trailer with no power or running water. I've gotta get myself worked up for that one! If you are laughing at me..I'm being serious. I'm gonna give it a whirl. Anyway, here's the pictures set to one of my favorite songs. Take me home Randy Travis.

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PS Please don't tell Claire what the tree stand and food plots are really for. (You know, coaxing the "Bambi's" out of the woods into the path of certain death.) In due time, we will explain it...but not this year!

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

It's Electric!

I locked the kids out of the house today....ahem...I mean, I encouraged them to go jump on the trampoline in order to work off some of that excess energy that they seem to be full of this week. When I went out to replace Coco's clothing (including his diaper), here is what I found.

Gotta love the static!

We finally found a cheap pair of cowboy boots for Cohen's cowboy Woody costume. He isn't going to look exactly like Woody, because I was afraid to order the Disney costume online and they didn't have it in the store. Most likely he will just be a cowboy because I really want to paint on a mustache and beard, but I think it's cute when he says "Woody." Stay tuned for pictures of their costume parade on Thursday!

Also, please pray for our friend Brian and his family. Between someone stealing their truck on Monday morning, an emergency appendectomy for Brian on Monday evening, a house that needs to be finished this week (he is a contractor), and five sweet kids at home....they have their hands full! The good news is...they KNOW God is right there with them!