Thursday, June 19, 2008

Summer Days Driftin' Away

Claire and Livi

Cohen sporting the silly "floating swimsuit" that his Daddy just LOVES (please note my sarcasm). My Dad picked this up one time and we laughed. Then we put it on Drew and laughed even harder. As you can never gets old! And guess what?! I discovered that it gets even funnier........

Here's what happens when a little boy pees while wearing the suit! My son will most likely hate me some day for this.

Can you see why I LOVE this place?!

This is where we lock the kids...oops I mean let the kids play. (again, sarcasm)

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Good News!

For those who don't know yet, we got some great news about my dear friend Steph. You can check my other blog for the whole story but the condensed version....the tumor is SHRINKING! We found out on Monday that it is only 30-40% of the original size. We are all REALLY excited and praising God for his amazing work. I will have to say that I have learned so much through this whole process. I can't begin to list everything in one post. The one thing that has touched my heart in a big way is my dear sweet Claire. If you are close to me, you know that Claire and I have had some "issues" over the past few weeks. She is testing me and I have been so afraid that I am failing. After some very wise counsel from my "go to girls" (Mom, Connie & my Bible study girls) and some venting to my future sister-in-law I began to feel a little better. But today, Claire reminded me in her own subtle little way that I need not worry so much. She has a kind heart and that is what matters. She heard me say something about Drew and Levi and immediately perked up. She said, "OH, NANNY! Steph has good news! God hears my prayers!" For those who don't know, she has been praying faithfully for Steph. When asked why she says...and I quote, "because she has cancer and has to go to chemo." It's not something that we have told her to say. I simply tell her that we need to pray for Steph so she will get better. She has picked the rest up from just listening. (What an eye opener that was!!) I was so touched and so very proud of my little girl. I sometimes worry that cancer is too big and scary for such a young girl...and maybe it is. But it is a HUGE lesson for all of us. NOTHING IS TOO BIG FOR GOD! Bottom line, it's something that is happening to our family and I am thankful that Claire knows that the Lord will carry us through this. I thank the Lord for my daughter and all of the lessons she is teaching me!

Sooo, now that I have posted 3 times today, I must go to bed! I have to get up in the morning and get the kids to my mom so I can get a PEDICURE!!!! It's a treat from my momma that I have been looking forward to for weeks now! Thanks mom!!!

Old News!

I have been having a time trying to get pictures uploaded lately. When I finally have my memory card in hand and a spare second, blogger decides that it will not be uploading we will see if this works! Here are some pics from the day after Brian's birthday. He was gone on his actual birthday so we welcomed him home with a little party!
Claire is such a big helper!
We're ready!
The cake (the icing mishap can be blamed on a hurried mommy and anxious little fingers!)
Somebody call Smokey the Bear!!!
Make a wish Daddy....and Claire!!
Cohen picked up the lighter that I used to light ALL 28 candles! OUCH!
He's fine now! Nothing a little cake can't fix!

Happy Father's Day!

They want to grow up to be just like Daddy!!

So this one is a little late for 2 reasons. One, I had temporarily misplaced the memory card with these pictures on it. Second, and most embarrassingly....I was just in a bad mood! It's a long story and really not worth going into because I have snapped out of it and moved on! So TODAY, I am celebrating my husband. He is a wonderful father and I can't thank him enough for working so hard to provide for us. I am blessed with the option of staying home with my children because he makes that possible. So here is a little tribute to the most wonderful man I know! (no offense Dad!) Here are a few little known facts about Brian.
1. He is a really good singer.
2. One of his favorite movies is Notting Hill.
3. If you scrape your fork on your plate...he gags.
4. If he has an important meeting or something, he sets 2 alarm clocks.
5. He sits in surgery after surgery and does fine, but he almost passed out when I gave birth to Cohen.
6. He's not a "fresh veggie guy."
7. He is pretty bad at golf and even worse at fishing. Hunting is more his thing!
8. His first job was at McDonalds on South Campbell.
9. He was my first MAJOR crush.
10. His first car was a 1987 Chrysler LeBaron that he bought himself.
11. He talks in his sleep. (Slightly annoying but ALWAYS entertaining!! The best was the other morning when I woke up to him praying in his sleep!)
I'm sure I could go on for days but it's time to go to gymnastics! But I will close by saying this...
You are an amazing father. I still can't believe that you are my husband let alone the father of our AMAZING children. I love to see the kids run like crazy when they hear the door open when you get home. Their shrieks of "DADA DADA DADA!" Say it all! Thank you for all you do!
your wife of (almost) six years!!!