Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Lock me up Buttercup.

Cohen locked himself in the truck with the only set of keys. After I lost patience and began to panic, Big Daddy stepped in and saved the day. (While I took that bad?) Here's what happened.

"Hi Dada! Lock?"

Big Daddy: "Push the button."
Cohen: "Dis button?"
Big Daddy: "NO. Well...yes....same button, just push it this way."
Cohen: "Dis button?"
Big Daddy: "Yes, that button....just....oh sheesh. Never mind. Cohen, grab the keys out of the ignition."

Big Daddy: "Now push the buttons....WAIT! Not THAT button!"
Whew! Luckily he didn't press the panic button. Talk about adding some stress to the situation!

Thank goodness because I know from experience that our County Sheriffs department won't open your car for you EVEN IF you inadvertently locked a NEWBORN and a toddler in your car on a 80 degree afternoon. (The worst part...they weren't even my kids!) The dispatcher told me that they would just come out and break a window. Gee wasn't my car either! Come to think of really wasn't even my fault. Just ask Handy Nanny.
Oh, and yes, we will be getting a spare key made.


Auntie She said...

Im laughing. Hysterically! I might even pee my pants over this one!! LOL...*snort* Has anyone told you lately how awesome this kid is???

Anonymous said...

Grammy & I are laughing.....