Friday, September 19, 2008

Ready or not.

Well, I guess I am. The invitations have been sent. The cake is ordered. The presents bought. The house is picked up...well most of it. Plans are in place for the morning. (pick up balloons, pick up cake, pick up basement, etc.) But am I really ready? Am I ready for my baby boy to turn two? No. My heart aches as I watch him grow more each day. However, I am watching so many things take place these days that remind me that we are not promised forever. Heck, we aren't even promised an hour! So I am swallowing that big ol' lump in my throat and embracing every single second that I get with my little family. Each moment is a gift that I wouldn't trade for all the money in the world. I am just thanking God for today. Thanking Him for my health and the health of the ones I hold most dear.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Be careful little feet where you go.....

I have been reminded a few times over the past weeks just how much my daughter watches me. The first time was when she repeated something I say too often. For the sake of a good lesson learned, I will share with you my fall from grace. She came in with her "Littlest Pet Shop" house in one hand and the door to the house in the other. Very matter of fact she said, "Grandma, the freakin' door came off." Ugh. I have never really thought about that word until I heard that ugly little sucker come out of our four year old daughter's mouth. Man did that sound ugly. I explained to her (knowing EXACTLY where she heard it) that it was a naughty word and none of us should use it. I also told her that if she should catch me using it that I could use a reminder about how yucky it sounds.

The second story is much sweeter and paints our family in a much better light! Claire prefers to go to "big church" now with Brian and I. Since we weren't serving last Sunday we obliged and she sat with us. (Not between, because I LOVE the opportunity to sit close to my husband as we absorb the Word of God. You know, the one that says don't use ugly words such as the one mentioned above!) I digress. I crossed my leg and my foot was bouncing slightly as it usually does. I looked over and saw Claire's little legs crossed just like mine and just bouncing away. I was overwhelmed. When did she grow up into a little lady? And then a little panic set in. This child looks to me for EVERYTHING. Sure the basics are important. Food, shelter, clothing and Littlest Pet Shop animals....but there is something so very important taking place. She looks to me as a model of how she will act in public, at home and toward others. After pointing her out to my husband, I quietly bowed my head and asked the Lord for guidance. "Please help me to be better so that she can be better." I have so much to learn and am growing everyday in my walk with God. I can no longer hope that she only picks up the good stuff. The truth, whether I like it or not, is that she sees it all...the good...the bad...and the ugly. So I find myself singing one of my favorite lines from a Casting Crowns song, "Be careful little feet where you go, for its the little feet behind you that are sure to follow." Are you ready to be a leader?

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Pajama Day

Unfortunately, I never got pictures of my kiddos yesterday on jammie day at school. They looked so cute in their jammies. (you know how I love pj's!) Claire wore her beautiful silky butterfly pajamas while Cohen sported his NFL football jams. As we parked at school I saw one of Cohen's classmates walking in....not wearing pajamas. Uh Oh. I just assumed that since it was pj day for Claire and Drew, that it was for Cohen too! WRONG-O! So there he was, my "little" guy dressed in his pajamas while the rest of his class was dressed for success! They weren't even jammies that could pass for regular clothes. They are long sleeves and pants that are supposed to be tight and snug fitting! He still looked precious and judging by the beautiful butterfly he painted for me....I think I will be forgiven!

Monday, September 15, 2008

What did we do before we had kids?

Oh yeah, important stuff like put pantyhose on our heads and take pictures. Try it. It never gets old. And if you look close enough, you can see straight up my nose. I really can't believe I just posted these pictures but in case you didn't know, I'll do pretty much anything for a laugh.

Shhh...Don't tell

Here is Cohen's birthday present! I got a great deal on it at Tricycle Kids and it should be here in just a few days. We have tested this one out at Miss Delphia's house and BOTH kids could ride it. They loved it! So for those of you who have tall kids, this is a must have! It costs about the same as the 3 bikes we bought to keep up with Claire!

I agree...

with Emily. This sounds like tons of fun! Although it may take some sweet talking to convince my little litter bug police that it isn't littering!

Check THIS out!

Look what I did!

This was my first official sewing project. I've had this material for almost a year now. It was majorly on sale, came pre-packaged and was SO cute. I just never got around to learning how to sew! So, I taught myself to sew a few months ago via a "sewing for Dummies" book. And boy am I a "dummy!!" I won't even tell you some of the things I did during the construction of this little beauty. It is in no way perfect, but it's original. I like to call it a "Monet blanket." From a distance, it looks pretty good...but up close, it's kind of a mess. By mess, I mean not square. It's close! But Coco doesn't care!
The sense of accomplishment was amazing. My little Coco loves it and sister can't wait for hers! I love that they will have something made by my own hands to cuddle with! I couldn't help but think about my Grandma (my dad's mom) and how she made all their clothes when they were younger. I found myself thinking about her a lot while I was working away. It may sound completely cheesy but I felt close to her. My Grandma Janie passed away the summer before my 8th grade year due to complications from Huntington's Disease. When I was born, she was already showing signs and wasn't herself. She was bed ridden for years before she finally let go. I would give a million dollars to have a day with her before she got sick. Don't get me wrong, she was a blast to play with when we were kids because you never knew what she was going to do! Plus, we had and endless supply of Dr. Pepper, oatmeal pies and Big Red Chewing Gum!
I feel a real sense of pride that I am learning something new. Something that Grandma did all the time. In a world full of computers, blogs, i pods and playlists, I am excited to adopt a new hobby that has been around for ages. AND I'm excited that it's JUST a hobby! I can't imagine what my family would look like if we had to rely on my sewing skills to provide clothing! Yikes! I've got a long way to go, but as I tell my kiddos..."Practice makes progress!"

Sunday, September 14, 2008

A really long post with lots of pictures

First let me start by saying, if you are a blogger, go to The thought of having all my memories for an entire year vanish into cyberspace, is enough to make me want to vomit. SO my mom pointed me in the direction of and I am beyond excited. You put in your blog info and BAM your blog is automatically transferred to a book! What an amazing keepsake and something to be passed down for generations!!

Here are some pics from last week when Drew came home with us from school. The kids jumped a little on the trampoline and then played talent show for a few hours. They were perfect little buddies!

Drew loves superhero costumes...male or female....doesn't matter!

Claire's headstand.

The flip! She amazes me on the trampoline. Maybe she will be an Olympic trampolinist someday. Those people are crazy!

Drew and Coco

This, my friends, is talent show. You remember..."when I get a character and you get a character and we both talk actual." Yeah, imagine my surprise when Claire explained those rules at the age of two. Oh and she is EXTRA bossy during a game of talent show. Just so you know!

Drew and Claire-Best Buddies

Here is how I keep my kids contained without sacrificing style in my home. Yes, my little lovelies removed the tiles from our coffee table and set up camp. Silly kids!

And these might be my favorite pics ever. Claire's first professional basketball lesson. Well....he's not a professional, but he did play Division 1 basketball! Here's Big Daddy teaching Claire the fundamentals! Oh and for those who have never seen my handsome husband or my beautiful daughter, let me put this into perspective for you. He is 6'10 and she JUST turned 4. Be amazed my friends, be amazed.

Elbows in!

Check out that form!

She can jump too!

"I'm done practicing Mom." (says Claire after a whole 5 minutes!)

Here is what kept brother busy.

"Look Mom and Dad, Landon doesn't have to ride a pink and purple bike that is about 10 sizes too small."
Ahh the perks of being the second child. (Don't tell him but he will be getting a nice new shiny tricycle for his birthday! One that is made for "BIG" kids!)

Dream big buddy. Dream big.