Saturday, May 30, 2009

Gray Hair and Under Where?

I am convinced that I will be completely "gray" before Claire even hits the teen years. Yesterday, we went to a birthday party for two sweeties from Pre-K. It was a pool party at a local country club. There were five lifeguards on duty so I was not as vigilant as I usually am. I was talking with another mom and turned around to get a glass of iced tea. I turned back around and scanned the pool for Claire and Drew. I scanned left and right...left and right again. No Claire. No Drew. I looked over at the deep end just in time to see my little precious (no floaties mind you!) jump from the diving board into the 12 ft. deep waters!!! She does swim, so no need to call DFS just yet, but she has NEVER jumped from a diving board! I hurried over to make sure she made it to the side. She came up with the BIGGEST smile on her face. She was extremely proud of herself for taking the plunge. I assured her I was just as proud but insisted that she tell me the next time she decided to jump into the deep end! This child has no fear. Maybe we will balance each other out someday! Drew decided he would try it too! He is normally VERY cautious so I was so surprised when he took the plunge as well! I was so proud!

Before the party, Claire was changing into her swim suit and handed me her clothes that she was changing out of. I was folding them up and here is the conversation that took place.

Me: "Claire, where are your undies?"
Claire: "Under my bed."
Me: "Why?"
Claire: "That's where I put them everyday when I get dressed!"

Sure enough, I checked when we got home and there was a nice little stash under there! She usually strips down as soon as we get home and gets comfy so I didn't really notice. I did wonder why her underwear supply was getting so low! What can I say, the girl is all about comfort!

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Have your children been vaccinated?

What are YOU doing to make sure your children are safe???

Rocking Chair

A wise man once said, "Worrying is like rocking in a gives you something to do but gets you nowhere."

Why is that advice SO easy to give and almost impossible for me to heed?

If I were able to apply that to my life, I would be much more rested this morning.

The most important thing here...Claire's labs were NORMAL! Praise the Lord!

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Just one of those days...

Yesterday, was a fantastic day. We started with the windows open and the attic fan on. I worked around the house while listening to my little lovelies playing in the back. Popsicles and PB&J's were consumed, songs were sang and plans were made to meet our awesome realtor at a couple of houses. During nap/quiet time a wonderful storm moved in and the smell of fresh rain filled the air. It cleared off just in time for our house hunt. We checked out 2 houses, one of which we really like. (We just have to wait for a few things before we can make a decision) Dinner was delicious and the conversation was even better. I went to bed....peaceful.

Today was very different. A demanding 2 year old woke me up bright and early. Lots of bickering among the siblings and a rush to get to the doctors office for Claire's appointment. We were going because my sweet girl is covered in bruises. She has one on her calf muscle that is roughly the size of a baseball and is the shade of the midnight sky. She has them in odd places and we have no idea where they came from. My mommy instinct told me that this is not right. Our doctor confirmed my instincts. She said that this is not "normal" and labs were ordered. She said we would be checking her iron levels, platelet counts and white blood cell count. Yuck. I hear "white blood cell count" and it sends shivers down my spine. Of course, Claire was a champ and received her new stuffed animal upon completion of the lab draw. Now we wait.

My dad had to go with an employee and friend of the family to help her identify the body of her brother (also an employee of my dad's) who was killed in a house fire this morning. My dear friend Steph is waiting waiting waiting on news from Houston about the current state of her cancer. My dear Auntie Karen starts chemo tomorrow for breast cancer.

Sweet Jesus be near.

Sweet. Jesus. Be. Near.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Better Together.

Pinch me.

Very soon, I will be here....

Enjoying one of these...


How? Because my husband is AMAZING! He works so hard and during his first year at J&J he managed to meet his goal in ALL six of his categories. This put him in the top 3 of his "flight" and qualified him for the Glamour trip this year! Here he is with Mike Gower the president of sales at their annual awards ceremony this year.

I didn't get to go to the awards ceremony which made me so sad because I really would have liked to been there when he received this award. Also, he looked super hot in his new suit!! I hope it doesn't seem like I'm bragging here about our week in paradise. I really just wanted to toot Big Daddy's horn a little bit! I am so proud of him. He works hard and makes such great decisions for our family. During my Bible studies we have been learning about being a submissive wife. Truth be told, he makes it so easy for me to be that kind of wife. I never have to worry about his decisions for us. He bears the weight of the world on his manly shoulders and I could never thank him enough. He has allowed ME to fulfill my dreams of being a stay-at-home mom. For that, I am eternally grateful.

Big Daddy,
I can't wait for a WHOLE week of "us" time. You are my number one. The honey and the moon. The one that I wanted to find. My boom boom pow. My Sunday haircut. I love you with all my heart and soul.

Your wife.