Thursday, September 4, 2008

These faces....

could they be any cuter?
Claire story of the week:
We were laying in her bed after reading our nightly installment of Kit Kitteredge (The American Girl series) and had just finished our prayers. Claire looked at me with a sweet smile on her face and said, "Mommy, my heart is all filled up with love for you." OH. MY. GOODNESS. I wanted to say, "My heart is full of nothing because you just single handedly melted it into a big pile of mushy sweetness." But instead I managed to squeak out, "Mine is filled up too honey bunny."

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

God is so Good!

Claire is still doing great with the medicine. Other than the bad taste, we have had no problems. I think next time we will get it flavored at the pharmacy. For now I just put a little orange juice in with it and all is well! For those of you who have been praying for Claire, I can't thank you enough. I felt those prayers each day as Claire went about her business like the happy healthy 4 year old she is. She is such a trooper. A few days ago I was painting the bathroom (pictures later!) and she insisted on helping. I told her to take the water bottle and clean the tub. She scrubbed and scrubbed for about 20-30 minutes. Finally, she wiped her forehead and said, "Whew Mommy, it sure is hard work being responsible!" Don't I know it baby doll! We had a great weekend. We worked a little and played a little but it just felt so good to be at home. Sunday at the zoo with Grandma was SO much fun. I would have pictures, but I walked out without my camera! Monday the kiddos spent the whole day with Grandma Connie while Brian and I painted the living room. (again, pics later!) It took longer than we planned because we changed our minds on the color once we got one wall painted, but we are so glad to have it done! Next up, our bathroom! It was a great weekend!

Sunday, August 31, 2008

Thanks Momzoo....

for leading me to this blog. I laughed so hard, I nearly woke the children! My favorite is the house where the Kool-aid man lived! Oh, I'm still giggling and I think I pulled something. P.S. if you don't "get" my sense of humor, I totally understand. I pity you, but I understand. Ohhh I needed a good laugh, so thanks again Momzoo!