Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Our Haven.

Our home. Our place to hide away when the world gets crazy. It's cozy and warm in the winter, bright and cool in the summer. The spring and fall finds us with the windows open, attic fan on and brooms in hand! Barring the occasional leaky diaper or stomach bug, it smells good here. It may not always be as neat as it could be, but it is clean and safe. There is always something to be done but we all know that the chores will be waiting for us later if we decide to run out to play or hit up "happy hour" at Sonic!

Our haven is shelves of books that are tattered and torn from being read over and over from the comfort of our couch or Claire's bed. A rug under an art desk covered in marker and paint and hundreds of masterpieces to show for it. There are little fingerprints everywhere reminding me of how lucky we are to have 20 little fingers attached to two of the most beautiful children in the world!

Our haven is a yard full of grass that is as soft as the carpet inside and a playset that has been the backdrop for puppet shows, talent shows and jungle safaris. A tree houses 4 new baby robins and teaches my 3 year old about how precious and delicate life is. A swing hanging outside has heard too many silly made up songs to count.

Our haven is full. Full of love and laughter, smiles and giggles. Full of bumps and bruises, hugs and kisses. Full of the pitter-patter of 4 not so little feet. Most importantly our haven is full of Gods love. We are blessed and that is all there is to it. Just blessed.

Our haven is not in any way perfect. However, if I choose to....I can make it sound pretty good. My home is a haven as long as I choose to make it that way. It is a haven when I open my eyes and thank God for another day here before my feet even hit the floor. If I focus on the things that have not been accomplished, our haven quickly becomes nothing but a huge chore. I have been guilty of comparing myself to others all too often. There was a time (not so long ago) that I was so down on myself and my housekeeping habits. I was letting other peoples opinions and influences get me down. Once I quit worrying about what others thought and started serving God and my family with a joyful heart it was easy to change my habits. It has freed up more time to just play!

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