Saturday, August 23, 2008

Where in the world is Chrissy?

I'm sitting in bed right now at the Doubletree Hotel in Chicago. Not exactly what we had planned for the weekend, but my poor husband is very sick. He is on antibiotics, but is actually feeling worse! I feel really bad for him. I do have a really great view from where I'm laying so I can't complain. We did a little shopping ate lunch and came back for a nap. Luckily, I have Brian's laptop and HGTV so I'm set! I just wish Brian felt better. I can't help but feel blessed though. Read this blog and you will understand why. I also found out a few days ago that a girl I know from college lost her husband and is now raising their 6 month old daughter alone. A 28 year old widow....that is a concept that I will never understand. So for now, I am thankful that we are here together and that he only has a bug. I am missing my kids like crazy and am looking forward to getting home to them. For right now, I'm going to relax, surf the net, watch deserving design and kick myself for not bringing my swimsuit!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Pajama Program

Today I was sitting in the recliner counting down the minutes until I could take more Tylenol. (I have strep throat and 2 ear infections!) I was mindlessly flipping through channels and stopped on Oprah. It was one of the "feel good" shows about doing what you can to make the lives of others better. There was a lady talking about her calling. At first I was a little annoyed with her. She kept saying that this idea just plopped into her brain like a raindrop. In my world, that is God speaking, but to each his own I guess. Anyway, her mission was something that started out very simple. She had been volunteering at a local shelter for children whose mothers were incarcerated. She would read stories to them every night. After a few nights she realized that they would all go get into bed in the clothes they had worn all day. She asked about why they didn't change into jammies and the person in charge told her it was because they didn't have any. She was stunned. She never thought about not having a nice warm pair of PJ's to cuddle up in after a long hard day. She made it her mission to provide children in need with pajamas. This story really struck a chord with me. All I could think of was the 5 or 6 drawers in our home dedicated to JUST jammies! I LOVE new jammies. There are days when we don't get out of them until 4:00! (I'm still in mine as I type this!) I thought about how sweet my babies look all cuddled up in a pair of their adorable PJ's. One of the best things about winter is the JAMMIES! My heart broke as she told a story of a 6 year old little girl that looked at the pile of PJ's and was very confused. She had never had a pair and really didn't understand the concept. It is something that I take for granted. I can honestly say, I will never feel the same when I get my kids dressed for bed. I will never take for granted our PJ collection. Of course I had to know more about it so I went to her website and we will be going next week to Target to pick out some PJ's to send to girls and boys who are in need. Check it out!

Here are just a few pics of us in our pajamas! (For your sake, they are mostly of the kids!)

One of our favorite nightgowns on Miss Claire
Cohen the morning after his first birthday party!
Drew in his Christmas jammies
Claire and Drew in the hotel at the State Tournament
Claire in another pair of our favs
On Christmas morning we all have matching PJ's
(the adults match each other and the kids match each other!)
Cohen matched Claire this year too. We bought her the same nightgown in a bigger size!
That seems like so long ago!!!

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Class of '98

It's been 10 years now since Brian and I walked the halls of KHS as students. We kicked off our reunion weekend last night with an evening at Touch and it was really fun! The food was really good and it was so wonderful to see so many people who we had lost touch with. Today is the family picnic which I am REALLY looking forward to. I can't wait to see every one's little ones and show off my own! Here are a few pics from last night. (I will use maiden names because that's what we all do!)

Class Couple 1998!

Some of the old gang! Alia and Missy have been around since Kindergarten and the other three girls since Jr. High!

(Alia Wilson, Becky Lins, Sarah Parker, Lindsay Whorton, Missy Moudy and me)

Me and Shanna Roberts in the back. Amanda Nevil's forhead and Ryan Perkins.

Janell Hammond, Amanda Roetto and me.

Jenny Hicklin, Ashley Barnett, me, Missy Moudy and Kim Mayer

My lifelong friend Tiffany Beasley-Dykes and me

Chad Cowden (my first boyfriend in 5th grade. LOL)

Volleyball girls
Janell, me Amanda and Kim Ansley

Dr. Kristen Yates
I may be speaking too soon since there is a picnic tomorrow, but we made it through the night in the same building without there being some type of rescue vehichles involved! There's a first time for everything!