Tuesday, July 8, 2008


After six weeks I get to go meet this handsome little dude!! This is Mr. Noah. He belongs to one of my very best friends in the world Monica and her hubby Ben. He is already six weeks old and I haven't met him in person yet. They live in Arkansas (which really isn't that far away) but I want to go ALONE so I can get in some good quality snuggle time with Noah. I am going for the day on Thursday and just can't wait! I remember when Claire was just about Noah's age. Brian had to go to a meeting in Cincinnati and my parents were going on vacation. My mother-in-law had to work during the week and I wasn't sure what I was going to do for a week. I was suffering with Post-partum depression and wasn't sure I could get through the week without Mom and Brian. I called Monica, crying of course, and told her I wasn't sure I could make it. Without hesitation she said, "I'm on my way!" She drove up from Arkansas the next day and spent the week with me! Is anyone else singing Dionne Warwick's "That's What Friends Are For" in the their heads right now? Well....you are now aren't you!! I can't wait to meet this little bundle of joy and spend the day with my bester!!!

Happy Birthday Livi Loo Loo!

Here is my sweet little niece on her 1st birthday!! I thought I would introduce her and tell everyone a little bit about the other baby girl who stole my heart!

Name: Alivia Jane

Nicknames: Livi, Livi Loo Loo, Livi Jane, Libby (Cohen's), baby Loo Loo (also Cohen's)

Date of Birth: 7-7-07

Favorite toys: Wilson (the rattle), Geoff (pronounced G-Off), her floatie car for the pool and pretty much anything she can put in her mouth.

Favorite snack: Levi and Phiefer's fingers

Favorite drink: Memory Lane Milk

Pets: Chili and Swiss
I remember the day I found out Miss Livi would be joining our family. After about 2 minutes of sitting in total shock, my heart filled with joy. I could not (and still cannot) believe that my baby brother was going to be a daddy. A few weeks later, we found out that she was in fact a baby girl! I knew how my Claire had her uncle wrapped around his finger the instant he saw her. I couldn't imagine what it was going to be like with his very own baby girl. Fast forward to the day she was born. All Jarad could say was "isn't she awesome?" Half the time he was referring to Alivia and the other half he was referring to Ashley. He had that "new dad perma-grin" on his face for quite a while! Ashley took to the mommy thing like a pro. I believe that Ashley was meant to be my sister. She is one of my very best friends and I am not sure what I ever did without her. Just another way, I am blessed. I have always been so close with my brother and I am so thankful that my friendship with his future wife is just as close.
Jarad and Ashley,
Congrats on making it through your first year. I am so proud of both of you. I am really looking forward to your wedding day and feel HONORED to be a part of it. You are wonderful and devoted parents and Miss Livi is so lucky to have two people who love her so much! I am so thankful that our kids are growing up together!
Sweet baby girl, you have brought so much joy to our family over the last year. I love your sweet little cheeks (all 4 of them!!) and your big slobbery kisses! I look forward to watching you grow into a beautiful young lady. I LOVE YOU!!!!

Monday, July 7, 2008

Is it November yet?

I said we are going on a trip in November. I left the details up to the husband because I really don't care where we go, I'm just looking forward to some rest and relaxation with my hunka burnin' love. He booked our vacation today and SURPRISED me with an upgrade. Here are a few pics of the room we will be staying in for a whole week!!!

The room. (Notice the stairway...it goes to our rooftop balcony!)

The rooftop balcony.

The private pool on the balcony!!!

The only thing missing from these pictures is us!! I am still completely SHOCKED that MY husband decided to upgrade to this insane suite. He is always the conservative one when it comes to vacations but he said this may be our last vacation for a while without the kiddos. He has worked so hard and is doing so great at his job and I can't wait for an opportunity to celebrate with him! I am still trying to figure out how I am going to go a whole week without seeing my babies though. I saw in another pic that the mini bar in the room is stocked with candy, so that should help take my mind off of the kids! There isn't a lot in the world that a cold bag of M&M's can't fix! Shooot fire hunny, we're goin' on vacation!!!! YAHOOOOOO!

Sunday, July 6, 2008

My World

More Summer Fun

A few pics from a Sunday afternoon at the park. We fed the ducks (and Cohen) and played with Cory, Janel, Cooper and Jaxson. Then we headed to Steak-N-Shake for the best strawberry milkshake this side of the Mississippi!

My cute little family!
Cooper and Cohen
Cohen was walking behind Claire eating all the bread she dropped for the ducks!

The Princess Sleeps Here

A few days ago Claire's room was clean, her bed was made, my camera was charged, there was space left on my memory card, the wind was blowing the right direction and all the stars were aligned. I used this opportunity to take a few pics of her room. It has always been my favorite room in the house. Before she was born I would sit in there and just think about what it would be like when she was here. I never could have imagined how much she would change my life in so many ways. When I decided to redo her nursery I wanted it to be just as special. It's my favorite place to decorate, because you really can't go wrong in a little girls room! So here it is!
Her bed
I loved this headboard! It is super nice and wasn't super expensive!! Thanks K-mart!
I found this quote from Cinderella the musical. Claire isn't exactly a Cinderella type but this quote just fits her. She is SOOO her own little person and I love it!

I found these at Target and thought they were very appropriate. My dad's company distributes magazines to stores in the Midwest and we used to have bookstores in the area. Magazines have always been part of our life and put a roof over our heads, so these were perfect!!

This was made for Claire by Alison. She used to work at the bookstore and it was such a treat to have something handmade by her! Her mom used the same pattern to cross stitch hers when she was a baby. It was such a special gift.

Claire's ceiling. Big Daddy hung the fan and did most of the rolling on the paint. I did the cutting in and the clouds. It was my first big artistic endeavor and I was rather pleased with the way it turned out!