Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Stream of Consciousness

Taking a cue from MckMama I decided to try my hand at this. Just my thoughts...unorganized as they may be.

Life is hard. I'm thankful that I am a Christian and can cling tight to my faith knowing there will be a day...when we will live with no pain. No tears. No cancer. I love my family. They are God's gift to me on this earth. My kids...oh my kids. They make life worth living and some days are THE reason I get out of bed. As much as I love them, I lose my patience with them. I need to work on that...staying calm. I often feel like I am walking around with the weight of the world on my shoulders. My husband is my rock. I hope he knows how much I adore him. Sometimes my actions might be quite contrary. I need to get that in check. I can make or break the mood in my home. If momma ain't happy...ain't nobody happy. What power...what responsibility. I use these....too much. I feel judged by people I don't know. Why do I care? It must be my people pleasing ways. I worry too much, which apparently means I need to pray more. I am blessed with so many people in my life who I know are praying for us. I'm scared. I miss Bible study. Being a grownup is hard, but the reward of raising a family is so much greater than anything I could imagine.

So there you have thoughts. Interesting I know.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

This kid...

melts my heart into a big puddle of mushy goodness...pretty much daily.
On Saturday, Grandma Connie watched the kids so Big Daddy and I could have a little date. We went to see The Blind Side and it was a GREAT movie. But nothing compared to the story I heard when I picked up my little lovelies.
Claire had decided to make up a game for her, Grandma and Cohen to play. She wrote names on note cards and stacked them up. Each person was to draw a card and say something nice about the person on the card. Here are some of Cohen's answers:
Nanny: "She has a clean house and she is a very good Nanny."
Papa: "He is a very good fisherman and I love him."
Aunt Sandy: "She is nice to me, she makes good soup and I love her dog Mulligan."
And the best one....
Uncle Gary: "I am sorry that he died but he is in Heaven with Jesus and I love does Jesus."
There it goes again....a big puddle of mushy goodness.