Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Thanks for the Memories.

I finished this apron on Sunday and by the next day it was on its way to my favorite aunt in the world. Someone who ALWAYS makes holidays so special. For years we spent Thanksgiving with them until, as I have mentioned before, we started multiplying at an astonishing rate. I never truly realized how much goes into making a holiday meal until I had Easter at my home. The only difference, I had people bring dishes! She and my mom always did it all! She always had pies waiting when we got there the day before. She was always the first one up checking the turkey and getting ready before any of us even thought of getting up. Everything always ran so smoothly. My cousin and I had the cherished job of stuffing the celery (only after aforementioned "favorite Aunt" had peeled off all the strings!) and trying desperately to get it finished before the manly men came in from hunting to steal half of it off our tray! With the sounds of the Macy's parade in the background and the smell of turkey, stuffing, sweet potatoes and pumpkin pie in the air....it was flawless. I remember one year when Mom and Favorite Aunt decided that they would take a year off. We had lunch at Furr's which is a buffet style restaurant.....terrible. While we appreciated that it was much easier on our mothers, we were very sad at the thought of leaving without leftovers. Not that we wanted to relive that experience. We never did that again!

So here's to you my favorite Aunt! Please know that I'm thinking of you and I appreciate all you did to make Thanksgiving so special all those years. May your Thanksgiving be full of laughter, love and plenty of good parking spaces the day after!


Sheila said...

Sister! I am impressed! And it looks like her too! Good job.

Our Glorious Days said...

I LOVE THIS APRON... taking orders? =) It really is beautiful!