Thursday, February 5, 2009

My poor boy.

Cohen has been under the weather the past few days. On Tuesday night he started running a fever and continued to do so all day yesterday. Yesterday afternoon, I remembered seeing a sore in his mouth and asked to see in his mouth again. As I looked around, I counted between 8 and 10 canker sores. One looked like a hole and sent me into a small fit because I can only IMAGINE how bad it hurts him! He went to bed without incident but I was very vigilant about the Motrin yesterday. As I TRIED to go to sleep, common sense was telling me that it was probably Stomatitis due to the fact that I had a fever blister last week and it was very likely he got it from me. (Cue mother's guilt) But then my irrational side (the side I got from my dad) kicked in and I started to worry. By 11:00 I had convinced myself that he had a flesh eating staff infection and was trying to convince Big Daddy that I NEEDED to go into Coco's room and wake him up. (If you had seen the size of the hole in his cheek, you would understand my concern!) I did go peek on him a few times last night but only to make sure that his face was still intact. Of course, it was but I knew he needed to see the doctor. Apparently, for once, Dr. Mom was wrong and he has a virus. He also has sores all over the back of his throat! She sent us home with some antibiotics because she was a little concerned about a staph infection. Cohen has been such a trooper, but please pray for a quick recovery for my guy!

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Love is in the Air

13 years ago today, Brian and I went on our first date. We went with my best friend Kim and our friend Andy. We ate dinner at Cheddars and went to a movie. It was a romantic thriller called "Sudden Death" with Jean-Claude Van Damme. Big Daddy has always been a hopeless romantic! We shared our first kiss and I floated home. I could not believe that the boy I had drooled over for YEARS had just kissed little ol' me! February 4th, a day that will live forever in my heart!!! I love this time of year because it reminds me of when we were young and in LLLUUUUUUUUUUUVVV. Now, we are less young, but still in LLLLUUUUUUUUUUUUUVVVV.

Do you ever have one of those days?

Yesterday was one of those days. Not the typical "bad" day that normally gets so much press, but a day where it seems as though you are invincible. The kind where everyone gets up on time. The kind where Big Daddy gets Coco dressed, Claire dresses herself and I actually take a shower. The kind where we are only 4 minutes late to school instead of the usual 10-15. The kind where you get really great news about a surprise you are planning. The kind where you find office supplies insanely cheap at Office Depot which is fantastic because you and your mother have a sick addiction to office supplies. (Even though neither one of you works in or near an office setting.) The kind where you get to have lunch with three FABULOUS women, two of which you haven't seen in a VERY long time and the other being your momma. The kind where the computer bus lady decided to do a make up so you have time to run to the grocery store with only one child. The kind where that one child is a dream at the grocery store. The kind where Coco takes a nice long nap. The kind where you get to fold a load of laundry in your AMAZING new laundry room (which is still under decoration, but pics are coming soon...I promise!) and think. The kind where you cuddle and laugh (I mean belly laugh!) with Coco when he wakes up. The kind where Claire is excited to go to basketball practice. The kind where you find out a BIG piece of news that makes you so proud of your dad you could just burst. The kind where, while learning about that news, you get a cell phone handed to you and find out it's a reporter from the News Leader who wants to interview you about the other blog you keep that is SO very important to you. The kind where your daughter just chatters all the way home and tells you that she KNOWS her heart is only the size of her fist, but she thinks hers is bigger because it is filled up with so much love.

THAT, is the kind of day I had yesterday. How was your day?

Monday, February 2, 2009

Chrissy Needs.

I found this on another blog and thought it was rather entertaining. Type in your name followed by the word "needs" in a search engine. See what pops up. This was my top 10. I am easily entertained!!

1. Chrissy's needs and desires: What?! What do I need and desire? Don't leave me hangin!!!

2.chrissy needs a few friends with open hearts and open arms: Nah, I've got plenty of those.

3. chrissy needs needle-nose pliers to pull hair out of the shower drain: Mmmm.

4. chrissy needs help: hehehe!

5. Chrissy needs to be informed: that is why I read People magazine.

6. Chrissy needs to know the truth: that is why I read People magazine.

7. Chrissy needs a yard to run and play in: yes, and a nice place in the corner where I can sit and lick myself.

8. Chrissy needs a man: Oh no, I've got all the man I can handle thank you very much.

9. Chrissy needs a haircut !!: Well, maybe but my appointment isn't until the 12th.

10. Chrissy needs a home: NOW I KNOW you have me mixed up with someone else, because I have a home and it is the best place on earth.

One year ago.

I learned that my second cousin woke up to a parents worst nightmare. Her sweet baby boy, Caleb, had left this earth to forever be with our Heavenly Father. My heart broke into a million pieces for her. Please pray for her today as she makes her way through a day that will never be easy. Pray for a peace only God can give. Pray for Caleb's older brother Mikey. Pray for his little brother too! Michelle is expecting another little boy, Noah. Pray that someday we will find a way to prevent SIDS.

I can only imagine the kind of lovin' this baby is getting from his Great-Great Grandma Janie, Great-Grandma Ruthie, Great-Aunt Marylee and most of all his creator who knew him before he was even formed in his mother's womb. Bless you sweet baby Caleb.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Every morning should start like this.

Cohen was cuddling with us this morning when he woke up. Both kids are under the weather (colds and ear infection) so we stayed home from church this morning. Claire woke up and shuffled into our room and here is the conversation that took place.

Coco: "Good morning pretty!" (this is what he says to her every morning.)
Claire: "Oh, Cohen, you are so funny!"
Coco: "Claire look." (pointing out his arm hanging out of his one piece "footie" pajamas.)
Claire: "Oh. Let's get you back in there." (VERY nicely putting his arm back in.)
Coco: "Oh, thanks."
Claire: "Cohen, do you want to go play trains together?"
Coco: "Oh, yeah."

And off they went. They are still playing and being so sweet to each other. Something has really changed with them this week. My little babes are growing up right before my eyes. I LOVE watching them become friends. I know they will always love each other, but it is really exciting when they actually LIKE each other! What a wonderful morning.