Sunday, August 2, 2009

Sunday Morning Sermon

Halfway around the world, there are children who are experiencing the love of Christ in a very tangible way. They are feeling the hugs of Christians sent to love on them. They are walking with a bounce in their step thanks to new shoes...thanks to shoes...period. They are given medicine and band aids, a luxury that they have never known. They are learning about Christ love through a sermon of actions, not words. I am sharing this with you because two people on that mission in Cambodia are people that are very special to me. My cousin Amy and her husband Chad are on there for the second time, doing the work that the Lord has called them to do. You can follow their journey HERE. But here is a video from the blog. This is just too important not to share. I imagine this is exactly what God intended for His people. Compassion, hope and selfless's just beautiful.

Cambodia Day One defeating injustice one step at a time from David Gadberry on Vimeo.

I also wanted to share some pics from her last trip in 2008. Amy, I hope you don't mind!!!