Monday, November 24, 2008

I did it!

I did something last night that I have never done. This may sound really odd to some of you. It may be something that is so natural to you that you can't imagine blogging about it. Some of you will think it's strange because you DON'T do it and may wonder why I did. What did I do?

I raised my hands in church.

No, I didn't have a question. Besides, in a church the size of ours, that's not how you get your questions answered! I think there is a small chain of command you must go through! I did it because I am so thankful for the love that the Lord has shown me and I want to praise him in everything I do.

I was not raised in church. Strange though, I have always felt very close to God. I didn't belong to a youth group and go on the trips with them. (Which is probably the reason why I was one of the last one of my friends to kiss a boy!) When I did go to church, it was a Baptist church. Please know that I did not take those visits lightly. Pastor Scott (the pastor who married us) is one of the greatest men I know. I loved going to his church. That is where I was saved and where my daughter was dedicated. (on the same day!) But it is VERY different from an AG church. So I am with Pastor John when he talked about the first time he attended an AG church. I thought, "Are these people for real? Get me outta here!"

Last night was a first for JRA and they had a worship night that was amazing. Claire did not share in my enthusiasm as she slept through the entire thing! Cohen clapped and danced the whole time. I looked over to see him raising his hands like everyone else. It stirred something in my heart. The brief message from Pastor John was the "how, why and where of praise." He went through some Psalms about praising God. The dude KNOWS his Bible and it is always a treat to hear him preach. When he finished, there was more music and I was "feelin' it!" I watched my son just clapping away without a care in the world. I kept going back to

Psalms 134:2 "Lift up your hands in the sanctuary and bless the Lord."

Who can argue with that?

So I just did it. And you know what? I liked it.


Teri said...

Oh! You did it! Now you can never go back! You're - one of us. *tears in eyes - giggle*

Keli said...

I love that you blogged about this and I loved that you raised your hands! I still have trouble with it but am getting better! : ) There's nothing like praising the Lord! xoxo Keli

Jessica said...

that's awesome Chrissy!! love you girl!

Kevin and Christie said...

This is awesome Chrissy! Thanks for crazy, our church just did a worship series and we had a worship night too. Isn't God so good and it is amazing how music can really stir your heart to know Him more!