Saturday, October 11, 2008

Houston Appointments

Just wanted to post a quick note updating everyone. We basically have gotten no news yet. On Thursday they didn't have the scan results yet. They want to do further genetic testing so they did that yesterday. We will find out more on Monday regarding those results and the results of the scan. We did find out something interesting. When she had surgery last year, they took out her appendix! How's that for a surprise? I guess she didn't need that ol' thing anyway! I will post more later but I must run now! Thank you all for your continued prayers!

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Time Out.

Stephanie heads for Houston on Tuesday for her appointments at MD Anderson. As I explained in the blog I keep for her Scot will be staying behind to hold down the fort and keep the boys schedule as normal as possible. Please pray that God will heal her body. A BIG thank you to Dan and Shelly who are offering the use of their personal airplane! They are such kind people and I am blessed to call them friends. If I am absent from blogging this week, it is because I will be spending my normal "blogging time" in prayer for my dear friend. I will sneak in an update on her blog when I get any new information, but as far as personal blogging I will be taking a little break. I am in need of some meditation to keep my heart where it needs to be. I am starting to feel fear gripping my heart and I KNOW that fear is not of God. This is telling me that I need to be closer to God than ever. Yes, I could sit and worry all week but it won't do me any good. As Pastor John says, "Worrying is like rocking in a rocking chair. It gives you something to do, but gets you absolutely NO WHERE!" Ain't that the truth? So I am signing off for the week and wanted to leave you with the cutest picture of Steph and Scot. The day she finished radiation, they went with my parents to the Landing in Branson for a celebration dinner. I love this picture for so many reasons but most of all.....I love that smile. It's a smile that has been a part of my life for years. It was that smile I saw when I was in sixth grade the night she came into our practice and told us that she has just committed to play at SMS. It was that smile I saw on the sidelines as she cheered me on during whatever sporting event she tagged along to. It was that smile I saw as I walked down the aisle on June 22, 2002. It was that smile I saw as I helped her into her wedding dress just a few months later. It was that smile I saw at her baby shower when we all swore she just stole a basketball from practice and shoved it under her shirt. It was that smile she wore as they finally got to bring Drew home. It was that smile I saw when I announced that Drew would have a best buddy in a few months. That smile I saw as she cheered on her girls to 2 state championships. She wore that smile when she hugged me and headed out the door when it was time for Claire to be born. I saw that smile when she said "Drew is going to have a sibling" and we couldn't believe that we were pregnant at the same time! That smile when she got to take Levi home without a helicopter ride to St. Louis! That smile I see every time she looks at her boys. I love that smile.