Thursday, October 23, 2008

Monday, October 20, 2008

Not Me! Monday

Last week I did not eat a 1 pound bag of saltwater taffy from Silver Dollar City in its myself.

I did not tell a little fib to Big Daddy and the kids about the taffy being non-existent.

I most certainly did not get Cohen out of bed in the middle of the night and cuddle for an hour just because he woke up and cried a little. That would be a really bad habit to get into with a kid who has always slept through the night!

I did not totally slack on laundry all week. If I would have, I would be up to my eyeballs in dirty clothes today.

I did not laugh really hard at Cohen when he discovered that he HATES candy corn. He discovered this by shoving a handful in his mouth and then started gagging. The weird thing is, he wouldn't just spit it out. It was chew, gag, repeat. I would NEVER laugh hysterically at something like that. That's mean and MY mother NEVER laughed at me in similar situations.

I did not feel sad when I read an e-mail stating that tonight is our last "Created" Bible study. I mean, why would I be sad? It's only one of the BEST things that has ever happend to my marriage! (More on that later....much more!)

I did not get a little upset yesterday when I went to get Coco out of the car at church only to notice that Big Daddy had decided to put a pair of giant sized Shrek crocs on him. I didn't get even more upset when I realized that he was totally serious and that Coco would in fact be wearing said crocs to church.

I did not feel really ridiculous by the time we met back up in the sanctuary for getting so upset over something SO STUPID. Then, I didn't apologize 10 times to Big Daddy who was still laughing about it!

I did not just stick my finger in poop.

Happy Monday and don't forget to pray for Steph, she just had the first chemo treatment for round 2. Pray that God will HEAL HER!