Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Busy times.

Things are moving at an astonishing rate around here. We close on our houses (the one we are selling and the one we are buying) in ten days. Oh dear. I have SO much to do in the next ten days. However, today I did NOTHING in the way of packing. My day was very focused on Claire. We started the day with a big breakfast and then took Cohen to Nanny's house. Claire and I had to go to the lab to have her blood drawn (which was the reason for the big breakfast) to check her insulin levels in preparation for her appointment with the endocrinologist on the 13th. Of course we headed straight over to Walgreens to get a little treat to reward Claire for her bravery! Only TWO TEARS this time! We headed back to the doctors office for her five year check-up. She has grown 3 inches in a year!!! She is now 4 foot 1 inch tall! Her hearing was perfect despite a wicked case of swimmers ear that she picked up on vacation last week. However, we did her vision screening...and she bombed. I am hoping it was just because she was tired. We scheduled an appointment with the eye doctor on the 14th so we will know more then!

We had a great vacation with Grandma and I hope to get more pics up soon, but for now...I gotta pack!