Friday, April 10, 2009

The apple

I must tell you today about one of my favorite childhood memories. My mom always kept a neat and tidy home. On spring and fall days when it was nice, I recall the attic fan humming away and the breeze blowing through the house. It was always bright, crisp and cheerful. On days when I run the attic fan I am always energized and a tad nostalgic. Keep in mind, I have never mentioned this to Claire.
Today, I was picking up the house getting ready for Big Daddy to come home so we could decorate Easter eggs. I was finished with our bedroom, the kitchen, the living room and the bathroom. I came in and opened the blinds in the living room. Claire took a big deep breath in and said, "Oh mommy, I love when the blinds are open and the house is clean!" I turned around and looked at her sweet face and just couldn't believe what I was hearing! THEN she said, "I really like it when you turn on that fan in the hallway!" I guess what they say is true. The apple doesn't fall far from the tree!

Wednesday, April 8, 2009


I said something today that people say all the time. I was talking to my mother-in-law about a VERY sweet e-mail she sent me. We were discussing motherhood and I said, "It can be a thankless job sometimes." A few hours later, I was struck by a thought. It's NOT as thankless as so many people, including myself, sometimes make it out to be. NO, my children have never come to me and said, "Thank you mother for teaching me how to talk, walk, feed myself and pee in the potty!" They don't praise me for teaching them the Word of God or good manners. But they thank me in ways they don't even realize. They thank me in ways that are so subtle that I almost miss them sometimes.

It's in his smile as he jumps up and down after putting his own shorts on.
From The View I Love the Most

It's the glimmer in her eyes as she writes the words "I LOVE YOU MOMMY!" on her newest piece of artwork.
From The View I Love the Most

It's in the purring sound they both make when we cuddle that tells me they feel safe, loved and valued.

That's all the thanks I need.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Busy Weekend!

We spent the weekend in Omaha Nebraska attending a beautiful wedding. Brian's cousin Amy was married on Saturday and it was a very special day. When I met Amy she was just 10 years old! She is now married to a wonderful man and they are looking forward to starting their new life together. Amy is such a wonderful young lady and deserves EVERYTHING good that comes her way. We were blessed to be there for her big day! Congrats Amy and Kyle!!
We got to spend some time with our Joplin family who were staying in the room next to ours! The kids loved hanging out with the big boys! We managed to squeeze in a trip to Scheels (A sporting goods store that features a Farris wheel!) and as you can see, Big Daddy and Cohen had a great time. Claire was more interested in looking at the fishing lures.

We ate lunch at HuHot (someone NEEDS to open one here!) and headed back for some swimming at the hotel. Thank goodness the pool was indoors because it was VERY cold! We got cleaned up and it was time for the wedding. The beautiful ceremony was highlighted by our little Coco who hiccuped the whole time! Luckily they were just cute little hiccups. Funny...I didn't know my family was capable of doing anything in a small fashion. The reception was a lot of fun. I LOVED watching Grandma and Grandpa doing the Chicken Dance! SO cute!!
Apparently, we missed the big fun because we had to get our little sleepyheads back to the hotel! We woke up to a BUNCH of snow!! We slowly made our way home and were so thankful for our children who travel like CHAMPS!!! I'm sure the fact that Grandma was in the backseat playing "talent show" and "I spy" helped the situation immensely.
It was a great weekend but as usual, we were so happy to be home and cozy! Coming of our new "toy" that Big Daddy bought. Fun times in the woods ahead for this clan!