Wednesday, April 23, 2008

One more test!

Claire's appointment went well. She was soooo good and is a DREAM to take to the doctor. She knows the routine now and is so cooperative at the doctors office. I'm sure it is the promise of Crayola Cafe and a little shopping trip to the Crayola store that keeps her focused! They want to run one more test before we put her on any medication. We were also thankful to hear that the medicine (Lupron) is available now in an implant that only has to be replaced every year! This means that we wouldn't have to go in every single month for the next 5+ years for injections. That was music to our ears for sure!! So the test is scheduled for May 29th and we should get the results within a week after the test. Next time we head up there, we will cover the backseat in plastic and have a giant bucket for Claire to toss her breakfast in. That would be much easier than washing her dress out in a gas station bathroom and drying it over the vents, only to realize that it still smells DISGUSTING!! (Word of advice....don't try to stick an article of clothing out the window while the car is traveling at 80 miles per hour. We almost lost the dress completely!) We apologized to everyone that was within 3 feet of us because the poor kid smelled like rotten yogurt. Normally we would have hit up a Target, but we had to be there at 10 am so there wasn't much time for shopping! Maybe Mommy will get it together next time and pack multiple outfits. Miracles do happen! Now I'm off to bed to rest up for my big 28th birthday!!!

Monday, April 21, 2008

Love to hear the Robin go tweet tweet tweet!

Here's our little nest yesterday! I think the eggs were WAY cuter, but the kids were very excited to see that 3 eggs hatched! We are absolutely LOVING spring and all the wonderful things that come with it. Saturday morning trips to Lowes, picnics, flip flops, popsicles, sidewalk chalk, working in the yard, earthquakes (if you are my Grammy!), open windows and my very favorite....THE ATTIC FAN! It may seem silly, but it just puts me in a great mood!