Sunday, September 14, 2008

A really long post with lots of pictures

First let me start by saying, if you are a blogger, go to The thought of having all my memories for an entire year vanish into cyberspace, is enough to make me want to vomit. SO my mom pointed me in the direction of and I am beyond excited. You put in your blog info and BAM your blog is automatically transferred to a book! What an amazing keepsake and something to be passed down for generations!!

Here are some pics from last week when Drew came home with us from school. The kids jumped a little on the trampoline and then played talent show for a few hours. They were perfect little buddies!

Drew loves superhero costumes...male or female....doesn't matter!

Claire's headstand.

The flip! She amazes me on the trampoline. Maybe she will be an Olympic trampolinist someday. Those people are crazy!

Drew and Coco

This, my friends, is talent show. You remember..."when I get a character and you get a character and we both talk actual." Yeah, imagine my surprise when Claire explained those rules at the age of two. Oh and she is EXTRA bossy during a game of talent show. Just so you know!

Drew and Claire-Best Buddies

Here is how I keep my kids contained without sacrificing style in my home. Yes, my little lovelies removed the tiles from our coffee table and set up camp. Silly kids!

And these might be my favorite pics ever. Claire's first professional basketball lesson. Well....he's not a professional, but he did play Division 1 basketball! Here's Big Daddy teaching Claire the fundamentals! Oh and for those who have never seen my handsome husband or my beautiful daughter, let me put this into perspective for you. He is 6'10 and she JUST turned 4. Be amazed my friends, be amazed.

Elbows in!

Check out that form!

She can jump too!

"I'm done practicing Mom." (says Claire after a whole 5 minutes!)

Here is what kept brother busy.

"Look Mom and Dad, Landon doesn't have to ride a pink and purple bike that is about 10 sizes too small."
Ahh the perks of being the second child. (Don't tell him but he will be getting a nice new shiny tricycle for his birthday! One that is made for "BIG" kids!)

Dream big buddy. Dream big.

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