Wednesday, January 7, 2009

WIDOCV (part 6)

We got some REALLY COOL gifts from Arizona this year! Thanks Mimi Debi and Poppy! We cheated a little and opened them early! The kids loved their new stuff...and so did mom and dad!
Here is the 2 SIDED art desk (a must have for two little ones who love to craft) and the new easel. The art easel has a dry erase board on the other side and came with some really cool art supplies! The aprons are going to be great for crafting and cooking!!! We were inspired by the art corner and FINALLY hung up the giant watercolors and paint brush we got a few months ago. Gotta love Pottery Barn CLEARANCE!!!
Claire was very excited about her cookbook with her very own measuring spoons! I'm serious, she was STOKED about the spoons!
They both couldn't wait to tear into their glitter glue pens. Claire made a great Thank You card for Mimi Debi and Poppy. Now, when I really get my act together....I will actually put it in the mail.
Check out these adorable aprons! For some reason, Claire decided recently that she loves the Texas Longhorns. We don't really know why especially since we come from a long line of Sooner fans! I suspect it is because her favorite restaurant is Texas Roadhouse. (The kid LOVES steak!) So imagine the excitement when she got this apron AND that night opened a pair of Longhorn crocs from Aunt Debbie and Uncle James!!! Within minutes of this picture being taken, the children turned their aprons in to capes and played superheros the rest of the afternoon.

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