Monday, January 5, 2009

What I Did on Christmas Vacation (part deux)

Many of my holiday memories were made with our Oklahoma family that I talk about so often. I remember just a FEW Christmases and Thanksgivings that we weren't together. But, as I have said before, we are all multiplying and it makes it VERY difficult to spend holidays together. This is really just a fact of life. BUT it doesn't mean that we are willing to go the WHOLE holiday season without seeing at least a few of them! So I decided to invite myself and my crew to Dana's house for the first weekend in December! We got there Friday night after a short and long overdue visit with my best friend Monica and this little guy! (And her husband too!)

Short rant: What is UP with the road situation in Oklahoma? I have to PAY to drive on roads that are bumpy as all get out! Seriously folks. Then, I come upon this.

Shouldn't we get a discount? Just wondering.
When we arrived at our destination they were all decorated and ready for Christmas! We played for a bit then snuggled in for some much needed sleep. We got up on Saturday and made the kids pancakes. They ate and played the rest of the morning while we actually got to have quiet conversation! We couldn't believe how well the kids played. They were truly enjoying each other! We went to McDonalds for lunch. Not exactly fine dining but we hoped that the kids could play on the indoor playground. HOWEVER, they had closed it for a birthday party! WHAT?!? How unfair is that? But, it worked out great because the day was beautiful so we headed to a park nearby. It was a really cool playground made all from wood. I would love to show you pics but I left my camera behind! I did take a few with Claire's Fisher-Price camera but the kids deleted them before I got them uploaded. By the way, if you want to feel totally awesome, take your kids Fisher-Price digital camera to the park and take pictures. It is really cheesy and makes a really loud sound each time you snap a pic. Plus it has two eye holes (like binoculars) so you look like a complete dork. All that for nothing. Oh well.
Then we went to Bass Pro so the boys could look at manly stuff and the kids could ooooh and aahhhh over all of the animals. (stuffed and alive) Then it was home for dinner and the OU vs. MU football game. The kids exchanged gifts had a great time playing with their new toys.

We ate at IHOP the next morning and headed out. We revisited IHOP a few hours later just outside of Claremore when Claire tossed it all over the backseat and the DVD player! Mmmm Mmmm good. We will be working on cup training** for our little princess who had to follow in my footsteps and get carsick. I just feel so awful for her because I know how it feels!
**Learning to toss ones cookies (or whatever was digested that day) directly into a cup while traveling at high rates of speed in a vehicle.**

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