Monday, January 5, 2009

What I did on Christmas Vacation (part 3)

Here we will discuss and view footage of the decorating of the family Christmas tree. We have a few trees in our house. The one in the living room is decorated with crosses, different bulbs, ribbon and white lights.

The tree in the bedroom is reds, greens and golds so it coordinates with our winter bedding.

The kids each have a little one that will be replaced next year with the ones I bought this year for REALLY REALLY cheap on sale. (I'm talkin' five bucks!)

Downstairs is the REAL tree. NO, it's not actually real. But I am considering a real one next year. It is the one with multicolored lights and all of the ornaments that actually MEAN something. See, growing up my mom picked out ornaments for my brother and I each year. She continued to do this until we were married. The summer I got married we had a bridesmaids brunch to thank my girls for being a part of my special day. My mom came out with a big white box. As I opened it I knew exactly what it was. What I didn't know was that with each ornament there was a note explaining why she picked each one. It was a gift that I will treasure forever. I put them up on our first tree and LOVED reading again about why she chose each one. I decided to take a picture of each one and make a scrapbook for her. It was fun to do and very much appreciated by my momma.

So the tree we have downstairs holds these ornaments as well as the ones we pick for the kids each year. We also pick a family ornament that is dated. The kids love to look at all the ornaments and sometimes they even get them on the tree! This video is a little blurry for some reason, but you will get the idea of how much we all enjoy decorating the tree. Oh and you also get to see my stellar disciplinary action when Cohen tries to tear the box apart. I'm fierce. A pat on the back goes to the first person to guess how many ornaments Cohen breaks in this short clip.

This is a clip of Claire dancing and Big Daddy's size 17 foot.

Here are some pictures of our fun night.
Me with Bride Barbie.
Dancing to Christmas music.

Claire and her "1st Christmas" ornament....well one of them anyway!
My big helpers!
We topped off the evening with popcorn and a few of our favorite Christmas movies! It was as good night!


Teri said...

Ok, y'all are makin' my head spin. Did'ya ever sit down???

Auntie She said...

CLAIRE IS AWSOME!!!!!! She brings tears to my eyes in this one, Just call me..."Grammy"!!!