Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Just call me "Pupcake"

Yesterday by 9:30 I had heard my name at least 150 times. "Mommy can you?" "Mommy will you?" "Mommy come wipe me!" "Mommy I'm hungry!" So in the middle of the 151st time I interrupted Claire and told her that I would be changing my name for the day. I asked her what she would like to call me. (Pretty bold on my part, but I was desperate!) She decided on "Pupcake." So I told her that for the rest of the day I would only answer to "Pupcake." It worked out great! Every time she would start to ask for something it always started with "Mooommmmyyy" and I would stop her and ask her to call me by my new name. She would usually get so tickled that I was responding to "Pupcake" that she completely forgot that she was going to ask me for ANOTHER package of Carebear fruit snacks. (which I would be telling her no AGAIN) So Mommy's...I would recommend the name change for a day! The only thing is, she wanted to be called "carrot" all day and I had to call Cohen "bean." Small price to pay.

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