Friday, September 7, 2007

a litte bit of Birthday!

Ace of Cakes, I am not. Martha Stewart, not a chance. Mommy who wants to do it all.....BINGO! Here are a few things I've been working on in order to prepare for the FIRST birthday of my favorite little man. The cake is a rough draft. I actually messed it up when I was baking it because I had to take it out before it was finished to pick Claire up from school. Thanks for the idea on the cake pan Em! The invite was supposed to be store bought and hand written. However, as I was filling out the 10th one, I realized I have a problem. I would rather go without much needed sleep than send out handwritten invitations. I realize there is absolutely nothing wrong with handwritten invites and I have nothing against anyone who sends them. In fact, I envy you! I think I just have some OCD issues that a few years of therapy should take care of.

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emily said...

thanks for the reminder . . . i still need to order mine! it turned out so cute! i can't wait to try my hand at it . . . can't say it will turn out even half as good as yours!!!