Friday, September 14, 2007

What were you doing at 1:00 AM?

Well, here's what I was doing....

Brian was out of town for the night and I was so desperate for company in the middle of the night that I called on Ozarks finest to keep me company. But really, my smoke alarms were going off and wouldn't stop. I didn't smell smoke or see fire but I thought it was worth checking into. Of course, now that I am a mommy I don't ever leave things to chance! So they came out and looked around with their heat gun thingy (yes, that's a technical term) and their gas fume smeller (another technical term) and gave me the all clear! They said that it is likely that either the battery in one detector was going bad and causing problems. It could also be the actual detector or a wire that connects them that is going bad. They said to start by replacing all of the batteries and then if that doesn't work to call an electrician. (We may be calling you Uncle Keith!) So, we were awakened about every 30 min. to the detectors having a fit. I didn't want to take them down since I was home by myself and afraid of going into too deep of a sleep just in case there really was something that they might have missed. Stranger things have happened! Cohen slept through the whole thing. Claire was my little superhero sidekick. She just watched everything and said that she was "Just really pretty irritated Mom." Then she said that she didn't really see the firemen because she wasn't wearing her glasses. (She doesn't have glasses but I think she was all hopped up on Benadryl). The best part was when I went downstairs to turn on the lights for them I was about knocked over by a TERRIBLE smell. Apparently, a few days ago, Claire had gone down and "Dropped a Deuce" as she now says (referring to pooping, Thanks Brian) and had forgotten to flush. It simmered for a few days and was really bad. I was so embarrassed! I'm surprised it didn't set off the gas fume smeller! So needless to say we are all a little sleepy today! BUT no rest for the weary! I've got cupcakes and a birthday cake to make for the big party tomorrow! It may be a crazy one.....but I LOVE MY LIFE!!!

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