Sunday, January 22, 2012

My People.

There have been A LOT of things changing around here.  Things that, 10 years ago, may have sent me into a full blown panic attack.  However, through the trials and tribulations we have faced in the past 5 years, I have come to know the peace that comes when you TRULY put your life in the Lord's hands.  I have watched my mom do that for years.  When I was in the 5th grade and my brother was in the 2nd, my dad suffered a heart attack at the age of 40.  He had open heart surgery.  He survived the widow maker.  I remember my mom being tired, but she held it together for us as she prayed for God to spare my dad.  As a daughter and a 5th grader, I didn't truly understand the severity of the situation even as it was plastered all over my teacher's face when I told her my dad had a heart attack.  I remember thinking, "What? It's no big deal.  He will be home soon."  Now, as a mother and a wife...I understand.  When I look back at the way my mom handled everything when I was a child, I am so thankful.  Without speaking a word, she showed me how to have faith.  She showed me how to trust in a God that will never forsake me.  In the last 5 years, I have been given several opportunities to show my children what that looks like.  I hope I managed.  I think I did. 

This is NOT to say that I haven't given in to worry and anxiety a little.  Trust me, I have had some restless nights.  But God has continued to show Himself to me.  He shows Himself everyday in the blessing of my husband and kids.  I feel so complete when I think about "my people" who are there for me no matter what.  I am seriously surrounded by AMAZING family and friends.  My prayer is that everyone can experience this kind of fullness.  However, I have discovered that finding these amazing people usually doesn't happen unless you put yourself out there.  Sometimes you get burned...but trust's totally worth it. I LOVE my people.

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