Sunday, January 22, 2012

Friday the 13th: The one where my son may never forgive me.

I'm not a really superstitious person.  I've stepped on numerous cracks and my mom has never suffered a broken back because of it.  I don't even really believe in luck so much, because I believe more in a plan cooked up by my God.  However, yesterday was clearly Friday the 13th. I should have known when I made the turn to go to Claire's school and somehow whacked my head into my window! I have no idea how it happened or why my head was even close to the window...but it happened and we laughed...hard.  I dropped Cohen off, ran to the grocery store and headed home.  We have a window in the living room that won't lock and there is a draft coming through.  I decided to try and pull it shut by inserting a screwdriver into the hole where the lock goes and pull it towards me.  It was actually working until the screwdriver slipped.  It was not good.  I stabbed myself IN THE FACE!  I grabbed my eye and shouted a bad word or two.  I calmed down once I realized, I stabbed my cheek and NOT my eye...and there wasn't THAT much blood.  Then I thought about how refreshing a cool breeze can be.  Maybe that window should just stay the way it is.  Of course I could lean out the other window and push it, better not.

Soon after that, Cohen's teacher called and said he had an accident and wouldn't let anyone come in the bathroom to help.  I rushed up to the school.  He had indeed had an accident and even covered in poo poo, he is probably the sweetest thing on the entire planet.  As I was helping him I asked, "What happened buddy?"  He responded, "Oh Momma, I didn't even trust a toot I just tried to hold it until I got home!!"  I am so glad he is retaining all of the valuable information we give him.  (Never trust a toot, you may get more than you bargained for!)

I had some of my girls over for dinner while Big Daddy went and had dinner with his cousin.  I enjoyed great dinner and conversation with the girls and by 10:30 was in bed bawling my eyes out while watching the Extreme Home Makeover: Joplin Edition.  Much later, Big Daddy came rolling in and asked for chapstick because, "MY LIPS HURT REAL BAD." I directed him to my cosmetics drawer and went back to sleep.  The next morning I rolled over and shot out of bed.  "WHAT HAPPENED TO YOUR FACE?!"  I thought he had been in a fight until I remembered him asking for chapstick.  Then I realized...Big Daddy had slathered on a huge amount of 24 hour lipstain.  I laughed until I was literally sobbing.  Then I took a picture and sent it to about 20 people.  I would LOVE to post it on here...but I value my marriage and my life too much to take that risk!!

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