Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Food for Thought

Since I haven't blogged regularly there have been many things that have slipped through without being mentioned.  Instead of trying to play catch up, I will just go from here.  One thing that did happen will affect our everyday life from here on out, so I thought I would share.  Sometime in the fall, my mommy radar began to detect that something was amiss.  Claire was starting to develop the same symptoms I noticed when she was 2.  Just after she turned 5, she was diagnosed with Insulin Resistance.  She was on medication for a year and got really thin.  I asked if we could try to take her off of it.  I was told that in some cases, the medicine will reverse the problem.  However, we knew this was a long shot.  We tried.  It didn't work.  So now we are back on medication.  She is basically a type 2 diabetic.  She has also decided that eating meat is mean, so cooking for a 7 year old vegetarian diabetic should be super easy.

The good news is she really is a healthy eater, and always has been.  I just have to put it in front of her.  I am learning what she needs and discovering that it will be very good for all of us to eat this way.  I have also discovered it is much like my friend Laci cooks for her family and I have really enjoyed reading her blog Picket Fence Paleo.  This is my number one goal for 2012.  Feeding my family good nutritious food...and hopefully making it taste good!  This sounds a lot like a resolution, but it really can't be.  I NEVER keep resolutions so I quit making them.  I can't fail at this, because my daughter's health is hanging in the balance. 


Laci said...

Chrissy, I hope you find success this year in finding the foods to keep Claire and everybody else in optimum health. It is a journey. :) Thanks for mentioning my blog. I have a few articles I bookmarked for you, I was just waiting till after the holidays. The stuff is "deep." :) I will send them your way soon, although it seems you have been doing your research.

Greenthumbmom said...

I too am trying too to help my family eat healthier!!! Now just to get those menus made and get the trips to the grocery store done!!! I know you'll do great!