Monday, January 2, 2012

Completely self serving rant...

There is a CHANCE this blog entry may come across to some as a little rant.  I honestly wouldn't take the time to rant on here if I didn't feel it may help someone out a little.  By someone...I mean me.  We ended the year in a bit of a funk.  It seemed like every time we turned around, someone was being mean and hurtful.  If you are reading this, and think this blog pertains to probably does. If you think it applies ONLY to you, it doesn't.  There has been plenty of ugliness to go around. It left me with a very bitter taste in my mouth. 

I am not saying that I am perfect.  I am not saying that my family is perfect.  The good Lord KNOWS that we are not perfect.  But I do know that we are trying our best to be good.  The way I was raised, you wake up and live your life searching for ways to make someones day brighter. 

I have watched my mom live her life for her family.  Make no mistake, she is NOT a martyr.  She lived for us and loved every minute of it.  Just as she had us out of the house and on our own, tragedy struck and she knew she was being called by God to do what HE had planned.  She is now helping to raise two little boys, and let me tell you, she wouldn't have it any other way.

I grew up watching my Dad.  A man who has never met a stranger and would do anything for anyone.  I knew every year at Christmas, there would be two brand new bikes purchased.  I also knew, no matter how shiny and awesome they were...they weren't ours.  They belonged to two children who were less fortunate than us.  I could write an entire post on all of the amazing things he has done for others, but I simply don't have a month to devote to such a post.  Sadly, I could also write a post almost as long about people who were just flat rotten in return. 

Over the past six months, I have cried numerous times out of sheer disappointment and disbelief.  When you are doing things for people out of the kindness of your heart, how does it turn so ugly?  So here is what I have come up with. 

We are Christians.  We are doing God's work.  The more work we do for HIM, the more the devil wants to see us fall on our faces.  The more work we do for HIM,  the more we are persecuted.  I'd rather spend a lifetime on earth doing HIS work and being persecuted for every bit of it than be enticed for ONE STINKING SECOND by the devil to rest on my laurels and not share my love with other people.  PERIOD.  However, I also know I have to protect my heart and my family.  So my new philosophy in life is this.

Hurt me once....shame on you.
Hurt me twice...really? Again? OK, one more chance.
Hurt me three times...done.  Even Jesus had his limits, so unless you want me to come into your temple and start turning over tables, we must bid farewell.  BUT, you are more than welcome to come back when you are ready to play nice.

Whew.  I feel better.  Now I am ready to take on 2012.  Well...maybe tomorrow.  Today I am going to piddle in my house, play on Pinterest, drink coffee and eat Nutella stuffed crescent rolls.  Maybe squeeze in a game of UNO or Sorry...maybe Cranium Jr. if things get really wild!!


Teri said...

After several years of this in my own life, I am finally reading Boundaries. I can't begin to tell you how helpful it has been.

Love you girl!

Lindsey said...

I read one time that Satan will only bother you if you have something he wants to take from you. I am guessing he sees A LOT in your life that he would like to have for himself :) God bless your family!

Chrissy said...

Thank you sweet ladies! Much love to you and yours!!!

Melissa said...

Thank you! I really needed to read that this morning! You've put into words how I've been feeling the past few months. Complete stranger here but, I started reading your Steph Won blog years ago to follow Steph's journey. I played bball against her in high school(& remember how they always kicked our butt). I'm thankful you kept that blog to show her(& her family's & your family's)inspiration to so many. Through that, I started reading your blog and really enjoy it. I hadn't read it in quite awhile until I logged on this morning. This post is perfect for me at this time in my life. You have no idea. And I know it is a total God thing that I happened upon this post today of all days. Thank you so much again!