Saturday, December 31, 2011

A New Year.

If I may direct your attention to the title of my blog.  It has changed.  A Little Bit of Life, just seemed like a misrepresentation. There is nothing little going on around here.  With Big Daddy standing at 6 foot 9 and our youngest (5 years old) topping the charts at 4 foot 4...our size is anything but little.  Then add in our 130 pound dog and we are huge.  However, the amount of space we take up on this earth isn't the only thing I'm referring to when I say BIG time. I am also talking about the LOVE and BLESSINGS in our world.

I am incredibly blessed to be a part of a pretty large family.  By birth...we really aren't that large.  By choice, my family is huge.  I am blessed with some pretty great in-laws that came with the deal I sealed with a kiss on June 22, 2002.  We have also "adopted" so many people into our family.  I'm sure you know about the girl I call my sister.  Because of her, my adopted family has become GINORMOUS!!  I believe that what we do is actually not that normal.  To some it may seem weird.  Personally, my heart is so full of love and trust that when I make a new friend (and I feel they are TRUE) they become like family.  Because of the way I was raised, I am loyal if nothing else.Trust me friends when I say, this does not always feel like a positive trait to possess.  There are days when I want to pack up my stuff and the people who I KNOW would never hurt me and move to Hawaii.  "Thank you for joining us on Chrissy's Ark of Trust, the beverage cart will be around soon!"  You might be surprised at how seriously Big Daddy and I were considering selling everything and moving.  I was even looking at real estate on the beach.  In an effort to disprove Big Daddy's theory that we could "totally move to the beach," I found myself...wanting to do that very thing!!!  However, I didn't see anything under 1.2 million that I liked, so I think maybe we have just settled on a vacation back to our honeymoon spot to celebrate our 10 year anniversary!

I also feel BIG things happening.  I feel God has been working in our lives and has big plans for us.  I am excited to see what 2012 holds for us.  Here's to a new year of BIGness. (and let's hope that has nothing to do with my buns.)

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