Saturday, November 19, 2011


We took a FEW pictures on our trip to are my favorites!!
Cohen is ready to GO!!!

Cohen loved "The Palace"

The castle changes colors...this was my favorite!

It was REALLY hard to catch Claire in a picture!

Cohen at Epcot.  He couldn't wait to walk under the big golf ball!

Breakfast at our hotel

Mickey waffles reminded us of Miss Robbie!!

Claire waiting for the Safari...her favorite part of our trip!

The kids decided it was a message from Heaven.

He LOVED the parade at Animal Kingdom!

So did she....I promise!

Tree of Life

Where I almost lost a really nice dinner.

Waiting for Fantasmic.

Watching Fantasmic...amazing!!!!

THE Highlight of Cohen's trip! "Captain Jack Spawow!"

At the risk of sounding super cheesy...this was truly a magical vacation.  The feeling I got when walking up to the Magic Kingdom while it was all decorated for Christmas was seriously magic.  As silly as it may sound, I was a little emotional.  The fact that I was getting to take my kids on a vacation like this, was just such a blessing.  I will never take it for granted.  I loved seeing the looks on their faces.  They were both so taken by the castle....and so was I.  It was just beautiful.  I can't possibly share all of our stories in a blog, but this melted my heart...While on Peter Pan's Flight, Cohen hugged me tight and said, "Oh momma, I'm thinking only all my happy thoughts!"

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