Sunday, May 9, 2010

The Mother Hood.

This little girl made me a mom. She is my little smartie and she purrs when she is happy.
This little guy made me a mommy of two. I'm almost sure he is made of sugar cubes.
This is mine....all mine.

They are brother and sister....

and MOST of the time, great buddies.

These two women made me the mommy I am today.
She raised my husband and molded him into the amazing man he is today.
This beautiful girl is raising my beautiful niece, keeping my brother in line and is one of my very best friends in the world!
I guess what I'm trying to HOORAY for MOTHERHOOD!!!! Thank you God for trusting me with the lives of these little people. Thank you for these wonderful mothers who love and support me.
Happy Mother's Day!!!


emily said...

happy mother's day!!!!

Anonymous said...

Chrissy,how sweet!!! Great pictures
and we are blessed with you!!! Lot's of love,Grammy