Tuesday, May 4, 2010

The Secret Mission.

In my previous post, I mentioned a secret mission. Here it is.

Yes, that is my wrist. Yes, it IS real. No, I still can't believe I did it. But here's how it came about.

A few years ago Big Daddy took me out for our 5th anniversary. We talked at dinner about getting tattoos to commemorate the occasion. Well, we couldn't decide what we wanted and in the end...it was getting late and none of the reputable shops were open. Over the next few years, we would joke about getting tattoos but I could never think of anything that I really wanted. UNTIL...my 30th birthday! We were eating dinner and Big Daddy asked me what I wanted to do afterwards. I mentioned the tattoo thing again and he suggested that we both get Matthew 19:6. After consulting my Bible app on my phone, I agreed that it was EXACTLY what I wanted! I decided that my wrist will probably be the last place on my body to get fat and/or wrinkly so the tat should go there. It's also super easy to hide if need be. So off we went. It didn't hurt too bad, but it totally freaked me out. The thought of something so permanent on my person, was a lot to take in. But after the shock wore off...I was happy with it. I did panic a little because I was SO afraid that my phone app and the 5 websites I checked were wrong and I would have a Bible verse quoting lineage permanently stamped on my wrist. I even went so far as to ask Wayne, the tattoo artist, if they had a Bible there in the tattoo shop. He chuckled and said they didn't have one in house but he would be happy to check Bible.com for me!

So there you have it! Cat's out of the bag!


Sheila said...

You lil' rebel you :) How cool is that?? Love it!!

Summer Sowers said...

I know, Sheila! When she called and told me she got a tattoo, all I could say was, "Only you would go and do something 'rebellious' and come back with a bible verse on your body!" That's my Chrissy and one of the many reasons I love her so! If only my 'rebellious' ventures had been permanent bible scripture.... LOL!! I love you Mary Christina George!!!