Thursday, February 5, 2009

My poor boy.

Cohen has been under the weather the past few days. On Tuesday night he started running a fever and continued to do so all day yesterday. Yesterday afternoon, I remembered seeing a sore in his mouth and asked to see in his mouth again. As I looked around, I counted between 8 and 10 canker sores. One looked like a hole and sent me into a small fit because I can only IMAGINE how bad it hurts him! He went to bed without incident but I was very vigilant about the Motrin yesterday. As I TRIED to go to sleep, common sense was telling me that it was probably Stomatitis due to the fact that I had a fever blister last week and it was very likely he got it from me. (Cue mother's guilt) But then my irrational side (the side I got from my dad) kicked in and I started to worry. By 11:00 I had convinced myself that he had a flesh eating staff infection and was trying to convince Big Daddy that I NEEDED to go into Coco's room and wake him up. (If you had seen the size of the hole in his cheek, you would understand my concern!) I did go peek on him a few times last night but only to make sure that his face was still intact. Of course, it was but I knew he needed to see the doctor. Apparently, for once, Dr. Mom was wrong and he has a virus. He also has sores all over the back of his throat! She sent us home with some antibiotics because she was a little concerned about a staph infection. Cohen has been such a trooper, but please pray for a quick recovery for my guy!


Anonymous said...

Ah!!!!!Grammy is hoping Cohen is feeling better today. We can never rest until they are and kisses!!

Teri said...

Praying he is better soon...and praying momma gets some rest.

Kristin said...

Praying as I type!!!! Its been a tough winter with all this ucky stuff. Email is CANT WAIT TO SEE YOU.