Sunday, February 1, 2009

Every morning should start like this.

Cohen was cuddling with us this morning when he woke up. Both kids are under the weather (colds and ear infection) so we stayed home from church this morning. Claire woke up and shuffled into our room and here is the conversation that took place.

Coco: "Good morning pretty!" (this is what he says to her every morning.)
Claire: "Oh, Cohen, you are so funny!"
Coco: "Claire look." (pointing out his arm hanging out of his one piece "footie" pajamas.)
Claire: "Oh. Let's get you back in there." (VERY nicely putting his arm back in.)
Coco: "Oh, thanks."
Claire: "Cohen, do you want to go play trains together?"
Coco: "Oh, yeah."

And off they went. They are still playing and being so sweet to each other. Something has really changed with them this week. My little babes are growing up right before my eyes. I LOVE watching them become friends. I know they will always love each other, but it is really exciting when they actually LIKE each other! What a wonderful morning.


Anonymous said...

How sweet!! And love paves the way!!! Their mommy and daddy have taught them well!! I would love being there but all I would do is cry!!! They are growing up so fast.Love you all! Grammy

Country Girl at Heart said...

This is Aubrey. I was going to tell you something the other day but I forgot. At Mrs. Morrow's baby shower you said that the song Butterfly Kisses is your and your dad's song. Well I was going to tell you that it's also Dad and I's song. Sorry it's kind random especialy now but... I just thought it was cool.