Sunday, November 1, 2009

I'll Let the Pictures Do MOST of the Talking!

A few weeks ago, we kicked off October with an 80's themed 30th birthday party for Brian's cousin Cory. Did we have fun? I'll let you be the judge.

Big Daddy.


Jenny. Doesn't get anymore 80's than this.

Cory. (He and Big Daddy had NO idea they got the same pants...a treat for everyone!)

Janel. Me. Hair.

My Karaoke performance.

Costume Parade at Pre-School.

Claire's Fall Party

Halloween at our house!

Lunch: Super Sweet Snake Sandwich

Claire, Drew, Cohen, Chandler, Levi and Livi. (Not pictured:Carston)
Cohen decided that this was the haunted mansion.
We had a great month and I CAN'T WAIT for November and December! So much to look forward to and be SO thankful for!

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Anonymous said...

What wonderful pictures!! They are all so cute even the grown-up's!!! You sure know how to make a Grammy happy!!! Hug's and kisses to all!!!!