Monday, November 2, 2009

And I love her.

There she goes. My girl. She is sweet and sassy. Quiet but strong. She works hard at school. Can't wait to learn to read. Loves animals. Has her own sense of style that I hope never goes away. The boy that talks all the time sits next to her and she tells him to be quiet. (I witnessed it myself) She is VERY careful with library books. She loves Spanish, art and P.E. She loves her teacher. She wants a bunny. She wants to name her bunny Brian. She is generous. I. LOVE. HER.


Jessica said...

love it. so sweet. what a lucky girl to have you as a mommy.

Anonymous said...

Grammy can remember thinking the same about you!!! You never dissapointed me!!!! I am so proud of you!!!!! Hug's and kisses!!!