Friday, April 24, 2009

From Chrissy's Mom! 29 years ago today........

My children will immediately recognize the above sentence. The number changes every year but it is usually heard a multitude of times during the day of their birthday. So as I'm starting this post I'll have you know that I was 3 hours into my labor of my first born, Chrissy. You know.....that really funny, witty, god loving girl of mine that writes not 1 but 2 blogs ( &
This will not be posted until later so I'll be showing you our new pics we took tonight! We are so excited to be sharing our evening together along with some very special people. We are meeting for dinner at 6:30 and then on to see Jesus Christ Superstar!
I would love to give Chrissy the most amazing post ever because she is so deserving. But, as a Mom, I know that I'm very biased. To me she is everything I ever dreamed about my little girl being and becoming! How is it that my daughter is so bright, articulate, caring, giving, and absolutely gorgeous? I say over and over how blessed I am.....she is one example. Don't worry Jarad, you are another way that I have been blessed! The people that God has put in my life are truly my biggest blessings and I love to daily tell HIM thank you.
I have been able to spend today with her and have loved every minute. We started with spending the entire morning looking at houses with my wonderful son-in-law, Big Daddy! Are you supposed to like your in-laws so much? We love OURS! Big Daddy is on a mission to find a bigger love nest for his family. We ended up having lunch with Mr. Nanny,Cohen, Steph, & Big Daddy's Momma, Connie. Connie was house hunting with us or maybe I should say I was house hunting with THEM!
After lunch, we picked up Claire & Drew and headed to Coldstone Creamery for a little birthday celebration with the kids! Ice cream for ALL! Steph was even able to join us.
Which leads me to tonight.....Chrissy & I had the most wonderful time meeting up with our friends Susan, Delphia, & Allie! Dinner was good, conversation was better! We then headed to see Jesus Christ Superstar...WOW!! The music was amazing! I especially loved when Susan leaned over and said, "Hey, after the show I have a question about Desperate Housewives". That is why I LOVE Susan, I laugh. Chrissy and I enjoyed our evening together, we enjoyed our time with the girls, and we are especially thankful to Big Daddy who held down the fort while she was away! Now I'm ready for our girls weekend!

P.S. STEPH UPDATE! She found out this afternoon just hours before her appointment to get her heavy duty shot that keeps her counts up so she can have chemo--cancelled!
Why? They said she no longer needed this shot because of that one chemo that they removed from her RX. She said she wondered about the shots because she has been feeling so good lately and wasn't sure she really needed them. So PRAISE that she no longer is getting that very expensive shot that makes her feel like that stuff that Levi leaves in his diaper! She just wished they would have told her before that last shot she took.........


Andi said...

Happy Birthday Chrissy. Hope it is a wonderful one.

Chrissy said...

wipe a tear, sniff sniff...Thanks Momma! Just remember, the apple doesn't fall far from the tree. I love you so much. Thanks for the sweet post and most of all thank you for giving me life.