Thursday, April 23, 2009

Real Mom's Rock!

In case you haven't heard, my kids attend the greatest preschool ever. I've mentioned before why I love it and just realized another reason why I wish they had a K-12 program. The moms. Every morning I smile and wave and chat with the best group of moms. They are all so funny and sweet, but most importantly...they are real. I don't ever feel judged or inadequate. Trust me, I have had my fair share of run ins with the "judgey mom" types. Not a fan. Our moms aren't afraid to share their stories even if it means admitting that they are not perfect. No one even made me feel bad for forgetting snack AGAIN for Cohen's class! Sheesh.

When I asked a mother on Tuesday if she REALLY put dirty socks and water in Anna's lunch, she replied with an honest and hilarious answer! "Ummm, yeah...I did!" Apparently as she was waiting in the car line to drop her two older girls off at elementary she was tidying up the car and put the stuff that didn't belong in a lunchbox that was left from the previous day. (Which I have done more times than I can count!) Unfortunately, she sent miss Anna to school with the sock filled lunchbox instead of the one with her lunch in it! She gave me permission to use this material on my blog to assure my readers that she wins the mother of the year award for the 2008-2009 school year. Your trophy is being polished and will be waiting at school tomorrow!

Today a mom of a little girl from another class stopped me on the way out and asked me which truck I drove. (She drives one exactly like mine.) She then confessed that she actually got in my truck a few days ago! She said she felt so bad. I laughed hysterically and then I was mortified!! I wonder how dirty my truck was that day? Chances are it was pretty bad. My truck smells like dirty feet and pineapple orchid. (It used to be cinnamon) With any luck, she only got a whiff of the pineapple orchid.

I love it.

Real moms rock.

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emily said...

oh man . . . i wish my girls' school wasn't only pre-k too! we love their school so much!! the kids and moms are so wonderful!!