Tuesday, March 31, 2009


You all know that I have been praying for baby Stellan. People have been sending in pics since he was in utero of his name. It's REALLY cool to see all of the places "he" has been. People have been lifting up his name in prayer since the docs said he wouldn't make it.

Tonight MckMomma posted a few pics here and the first one is his name with Steven Curtis Chapman and two lovely young ladies. I did a double take and realized (thanks to my bro and sister-in-love) that one of the lovely young ladies is my friend Rhonda!!! She is the mom of the SUPER cute twins that I mentioned in THIS post. It's pretty amazing how small the world really is!!!

Go check it out and pray for baby Stellan to be healed. Then stand in awe of the amazing work God is doing in his little body. THEN be totally amazed and refreshed at the GLORY MckMomma gives God even in such difficult times. Wow.

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Kristin said...

Hey girl is everything ok your not posting? With the kidos? I hope you got my mess the other day.
Call me if you can. You need a puppy? LOL I have 4 left you better