Monday, March 2, 2009

My Strength.

Please join me this morning in prayer for two people in my life who are very dear to me. First, our Auntie Karen. I have talked about her before because she is the one who takes all of the fantastic pictures of my kids! But she does SO much more than just take pictures. She and Uncle Keith were very instrumental in getting us excited about church. She encouraged me and made it very easy when I finally went forward and was Baptized just a few short years ago. In my personal walk with God...she has been so important. A bomb was dropped on our family as we learned last week that the lump in her breast was in fact a malignant tumor. To say her faith has been inspiring would be a huge understatement. She has been so strong as she made her way through the weekend of waiting. We should find out more today about her MRI results. PLEASE pray that we get good news. PLEASE Lord TAKE this cancer from her body and HEAL her!

Another prayer request is for my friend Kristin. She just so happens to cut my hair, which is how I met her, but she has become a wonderful friend. I sat in her chair and cried just one day after finding out that Steph had cancer. I cried in her chair as I waited for Claire's appointment in Kansas City after I was told that the ultrasound tech here "couldn't find a uterus or ovaries." (In case you missed the end of that story, she has ALL her parts and is completely normal in that aspect!!) She assured me that she would pray, we would stay faithful and everything would be just fine. I returned the favor and prayed for her sweet Addy bug as she visited the pediatric cardiologist when she was a newborn. Again, she assured me that everything would be okay. So we prayed and stayed faithful...and guess what? Addy was recently given a clean bill of health and released from the care of her cardiologist! So I am trusting in the Lord here. She recently had a place removed from her leg (THANK YOU TIM for making her go!!! You are a true lifesaver...butterscotch I think;-) and was told that she has Stage III melanoma. She recently had surgery to take the entire area out. PLEASE pray that it had clean margins and that she also gets good news.

I can't believe this. But I have faith in the Lord. Faith that could move mountains. I was "wobbly" the other day but God has blessed me with an amazing group of women in my Bible study who are teaching me so much. He has also given me an amazing family (this includes the "adopted" friends who I consider know who you are!) to share this burden. I sent out an e-mail as soon as I got the news about Auntie Karen. I left my computer for the rest of the evening so that I could pray and ask the Lord for strength and healing for my dear aunt. The next morning my inbox was full of encouraging messages and scripture. I rest knowing that Kristin and Karen are also surrounded by the same kind of know...CHRISTIANS!! What a comfort it is. How would I EVER get through life without YOU LORD???? YOU are my strength!


Sheila said...

Oh Chrissy...I'm SOO sorry to hear about Karen. I will definately put her in my prayers (and Kristin too!). Bless your hearts, I can see where you would be "wobbly"!! BUT I know you and even when you're wobbly you still have faith more than most!! You tell Brian Im prayin for him too!! I love you guys!

Alison said...

Hi Chrissy,
It's Alison (Knapp) Lewis from high school. I just wanted you to know what an encouragement it is to read your blog. I became a Christian my first year of college, and to read about your faith is inspiring. I also love hearing about your experiences in motherhood. I'm not a mom, and I'm a nurse in Peds ICU (for almost 5 years now - time flies!!), so the idea of having kids is SCARY!! I only see very sick ones. To read about how much you enjoy your children gives me courage.
Anyhow, I just wanted you to know that you are an encouragement to me as far away as Michigan. I check your blog daily - so keep blogging . . please. :)
Your family and friends are in my prayers.

Anonymous said...

Chrissy,Grammy feels God is working in your life.You are such a caring young lady and I can feel how much you care for everyone!! I am so proud of you!! When your heart ache's mine does too! Be strong! Love you!

Aimee Kieffer, aka "Momzoo" said...

I am so sorry

Sending a prayer for you and your friends and family.