Friday, February 27, 2009

Big Daddy at your service.

I will have to say that I was quite shocked to get a call from Big Daddy saying that he has finally "officially" joined the family. You see, things happen to the members of our family that NEVER happen to other people. Maybe most folks have one or two crazy stories...but WE...could go on for days. For example:
1. One day my brother and I were driving down the road when an elderly lady ran out in front of us bleeding profusely from her head. She had slipped on a friend's porch and they weren't home.
2. My brother saw a girl hydroplane into a telephone pole. Her car caught fire and she was stuck in her seatbelt so he cut her out.
3. On the VERY same day as #2 I witnessed a pick-up and an SUV collide and then crash into the stoplight pole. Just before I made it to the intersection...said pole, came crashing down narrowly missing my jeep. I then got out and was helping the elderly lady out of her truck because she was choking on the airbag smoke, only to discover that her leg was broken...I mean broken.
4. My dad witnessed a semi drive OVER a compact car. He pulled a baby out of the wreckage who was UNHARMED!
5. I got hit by a drunk driver.
6. I found a guy asleep in my jeep.
7. Just yesterday, I saw a poor little boy at preschool break his arm into about 3 pieces after falling NO MORE than 2 feet! (STILL having mild panic attacks about that one!)

I could seriously go on for DAYS but, you get the point. SO on to Big Daddy's debut in our saga.

He was coming home from Arkansas. He stopped in Joplin at a gas station and noticed a car getting pulled over in the gas station parking lot. Of course he stopped to watch and thank God it wasn't him getting a ticket. The next thing he knows there is A LOT of yelling and the civilian charged the officer! Took him DOWN! So he ran in and told the lady working in the station to call for backup then ran back out in time to see the fatigued officer give him "the nod." You know, the one that says, "You don't HAVE to...but boy I could use some help here!" If you know Big Daddy, the following will come as a HUGE shock. He ran over and threw his knee in the middle of this dudes back to hold him down!!!! The officer was then able to grab his hands. Big Daddy and the officer held him until the Jasper County officer showed up. Apparently he and this "criminal" went way back. They thanked Big Daddy for his service and had him write a statement. He set out on his way with a new manly swagger about him. What a hottie.


Teri said...

Ok. I have a whole new appreciation for Brian. Well, at least when caught in the moment. So studly! Way to go Bri - civil duty and all.

Nanny said...

I'm so glad he belongs to US!

Kevin and Christie said...

wow!! you have some crazy stories...that is some funny stuff! thanks for sharing...crazy!

Anonymous said...

My!Oh!My! I am shocked to hear of all the thing's that have happened in the family.Of course I am a firm believer that God put's you where you are to be to help or to show you that he is alway's there for you! As usual you have made it so exciting, dramatic and I want to read the next chapter.I love you and I love the way you write. Grammy

Anonymous said...

PS:BRIAN,YOU ARE GRAMMY'S HERO!Am so glad you didn't get hurt.I love you!!!