Thursday, March 5, 2009

Good Day Sunshine!

Aunt Karen received good news! Her MRI showed that nothing had spread beyond the original lump. Praise the Lord! She will be having a lumpectomy and they will also be checking the lymphnodes in the surrounding area. She said they are talking about 5 days of radiation which was WAY less than they originally thought! Please continue to pray that everything goes well!

What a beautiful day it was today. We got home this afternoon at about 1:30 and spent the rest of the day outside. The kids hopped in Claire's "Escalade" and we went on a walk. I was watching them ride side by side wishing SO badly I had my camera. I hope I never forget the way they looked. We came home, rootbeer was consumed, brownies were eaten, secret potions were created using dirt and water, Claire vomited rootbeer and brownies on the trampoline and she finally got her playtime in with Miss Olivia next door.

Welcome back Miss Spring...we've missed you.


Anonymous said...

God is good!!! Am so happy with the new's. Sound's like you had a wonderful day. Grammy send's her love!!

Jessica said...

vomiting on the trampoline....sweet. that's how you know you've had a good jump!